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tr.v. con·temned, con·temn·ing, con·temns
To view with contempt; despise. See Synonyms at despise.

[Middle English contempnen, to slight, from Latin contemnere : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + temnere, to despise.]

con·temn′er (-tĕm′ər, -tĕm′nər) n.
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``Surely,'' said Ambrose, ``he is in the hands of the men of Belial, infesters of these woods, and contemners of the holy text, `Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets naught of evil.' ''
When, in act 1, Lyly's Erisichthon encounters Ceres's nymphs celebrating a harvest holiday at the foot of the goddess's sacred tree, this 'contemner of the gods' sounds not unlike an irate landlord apprehending illegal trespassers on his land.
Judges, however, have the discretion to slap a contemner with both the fine and a jail term.
The order specifically said, "Since the incident of contempt includes public statements and publication of orders made by the contemner, which were highlighted by the electronic and print media, we are of the view, that no further statements made by him should be published hereafter.
a contemner of popular taste and of everything that caught the public fancy.
The sufficient, strong and concrete evidence was before the court as incriminating material against the Prime Minister to award maximum punishment to the contemner premier but by awarding minimum punishment, the Court has taken very lenient view.
I do not think it would make any difference in the case of a lady unknown, but in you, to come a thousand miles to me might seem a violation of the customary etiquette of good taste, which might strengthen the many silly, or misinformed people (the last class a very large one) in the idea that you really are the migratory, unfeminine, ungraceful contemner of propriety which newspaper critics & common gossip pronounce woman's rights ladies to be.
This Maxime is a precept, whereby this Atheist Machiavell teacheth the Prince to be a true contemner of God and of Religion, and onely to make a skew and a faire countenance outwardly before the world, to be esteemed religious and devout, although he be not.