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 (kən-tĕm′plə-tĭv, kŏn′təm-plā′-)
Disposed to or characterized by contemplation. See Synonyms at pensive.
1. A person given to contemplation.
2. A member of a religious order that emphasizes meditation.

con·tem′pla·tive·ly adv.
con·tem′pla·tive·ness n.
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بِصورَة تَأمُّلِيَّه
derin düşüncelere dalarak


[kənˈtemplətɪvlɪ] ADVpensativamente
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advnachdenklich; sit alsoin Gedanken
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(ˈkontəmpleit) verb
1. to think seriously (about). I was contemplating (= feeling inclined towards) having a holiday; She contemplated her future gloomily.
2. to look thoughtfully at. The little boy stood contemplating himself in the mirror.
ˌcontemˈplation noun
contemplative (kənˈtemplətiv) , ((American) ˈkontəmpleitiv) adjective
conˈtemplatively adverb
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References in classic literature ?
Miserrimus Dexter stroked his magnificent beard, and contemplatively repeated my words.
"I like heiresses very much," replied Rebecca contemplatively. "Of course I never saw one, but interesting things are always happening to heiresses, especially to the golden-haired kind.
Wingrave raised his head and looked at Lady Ruth contemplatively.
"It was a long time ago," she murmured contemplatively. "It seems like a thousand years."
I thought so.' He looked contemplatively at his horse's mane, as if he had some serious cause of dissatisfaction with it, or something else.
"Well, I've got just as much conscience as any man in business can afford to keep,--just a little, you know, to swear by, as 't were," said the trader, jocularly; "and, then, I'm ready to do anything in reason to 'blige friends; but this yer, you see, is a leetle too hard on a fellow--a leetle too hard." The trader sighed contemplatively, and poured out some more brandy.
"Oh, they may want to settle something," she replied vaguely, putting her feet on the ground, resting her chin on her hands, and looking out of her large dark eyes contemplatively at the fire.
"Yes," he said, contemplatively looking at the clouds of smoke he was puffing out, "yes, my dear boy, I expect the assassin to-night." A brief silence followed, which I took care not to interrupt, and then he went on:
Vesey took her dimpled hands off the edge of the table and crossed them on her lap instead; nodded contemplatively at the boiled chicken, and said, "Yes, dear."
"That's true," said aunt Pullet, taking off the bonnet and looking at it contemplatively.
Its biblical commentaries made it possible for the monks to enter contemplatively into the texts they sang.
It's a book to read slowly and contemplatively despite the urgency of its mission.