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 (kən-tĕm′plə-tĭv, kŏn′təm-plā′-)
Disposed to or characterized by contemplation. See Synonyms at pensive.
1. A person given to contemplation.
2. A member of a religious order that emphasizes meditation.

con·tem′pla·tive·ly adv.
con·tem′pla·tive·ness n.
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Noun1.contemplativeness - deep serious thoughtfulnesscontemplativeness - deep serious thoughtfulness    
thoughtfulness - the trait of thinking carefully before acting
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(45) He proposed to secure just such a contrast by constructing roads 'of gracefully curved lines, generous spaces, and the absence of sharp corners, the idea being to suggest and imply leisure, contemplativeness and happy tranquility'.
Amis clusters conversation, art, and contemplativeness under the rubric "high culture," positioning it as a bulwark against mass culture and money, but he also recognizes that high culture is not "outside" money and is furthermore easily corroded by creeping mass culture.
Absal "loved contemplativeness in law" and deeply "devoted himself to the quest for solitude," even if the practical Salaman accepts the necessity of the law to rule with security and stability in mind.
Drawing on a vast palette of emotions (fear, astonishment, seriousness, contemplativeness, sweetness), these enigmatic statues resist any simple interpretation.
Winding the tempo down a bit, the new video for Frank Ocean's "Lost" makes a nice counterpoint to Cold War Kids' "Miracle Mile," with its R&B-fueled pensiveness, its intertwined cockiness and contemplativeness.
Blue can represent a multitude of emotions: calm, contemplativeness, confidence, and more.