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Originating, existing, or happening during the same period of time: the contemporaneous reigns of two monarchs. See Synonyms at contemporary.

[Latin contemporāneus : com-, com- + tempus, tempor-, time + -āneus, adj. suff.]

con·tem′po·ra·ne′i·ty (-pər-ə-nē′ĭ-tē, -nā′-), con·tem′po·ra′ne·ous·ness n.
con·tem′po·ra′ne·ous·ly adv.
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Noun1.contemporaneity - the quality of being current or of the presentcontemporaneity - the quality of being current or of the present; "a shopping mall would instill a spirit of modernity into this village"
currentness, up-to-dateness, currency - the property of belonging to the present time; "the currency of a slang term"
2.contemporaneity - the quality of belonging to the same period of time
conjunction, co-occurrence, coincidence, concurrence - the temporal property of two things happening at the same time; "the interval determining the coincidence gate is adjustable"
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Artist whose varied practice includes performance, film, food and objects presents an interactive multimedia installation exploring Caucasus contemporaneity, through newly-commissioned work dedicated to the history of USSR circus tradition in general and Baku National ircus in particular, in collaboration with architect Maria Serova, writer Alexander Snegirev and costume designer Panika Derevya.
The contemporaneity of the total look of the book is important to Rotor, who has a special eye for design and typography, having majored in literature and art studies.
The Italian Serpeggiante marble floor, in beige with a linear grain and laid in a herringbone style, provides a touch of elegance to a setting that mixes modernity and contemporaneity. The lighting has been designed with great attention to detail.
Down to earth aesthetics of his poetic world have delight of tradition and freshness of contemporaneity. Don't miss out on the verses of this poet if you care for good poetry.
"Dido and Aeneas" is also a journey through Purcell's original work and through contemporaneity and the intercultural dialogue.
Rakesh helps temper this free-spirited contemporaneity, advising with a deeper knowledge of cultural propriety than I've yet to master.
He said that it is no longer possible to"generalise"as novels in Indian languages are"as cosmopolitan as any other"."Writers in these languages set their novels in locations all across the world, and they have a great contemporaneity of form, character and language,"Dasgupta maintained.
The display, likewise, introduces serious examination of her body of work and its expansive contemporaneity. The well-attended series of events began with a discussion involving Abad's colorful life, travels and influences, as shared by Pio, together with Jack Garrity, Pacita's husband and director of the Pacita Abad Art Estate, at the School of Design and Arts Cinema.
And that is the outcome that, deservedly, must take its place in Dubai's systematic progress to help it become a city of world-class contemporaneity in form and function.
It begins with Mary Jean Corbett's "Considering Contemporaneity: Woolf and 'The Maternal Generation,'" which cracks open two of the volume's key terms by addressing Woolf's encounters with writing by numerous women, teasing out understandings of how individuals and generations exist together in and across time.
This conception of the female nude turned away from the sanitised eroticism of Venus -- secure in her porcelain, rosy-white complexion and the pretentions of her classical context -- to depict, by contrast, the palpably painted skin of living, breathing women, rendered all the more shocking because of their stark contemporaneity. Stripped of the lofty mythological cover of Venus, which allowed the (male) viewer to indulge in the pleasure of exposed flesh under the guise of antique allusions, these daring nudes in fact portray the naked truth of contemporary sexual mores.