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Manifesting or feeling contempt; scornful.

con·temp′tu·ous·ly adv.
con·temp′tu·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.contemptuousness - the manifestation of scorn and contempt; "every subordinate sensed his contemptuousness and hated him in return"
arrogance, haughtiness, hauteur, high-handedness, lordliness - overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors
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I do not know what another person would have done, but at this point I gave up; that cast-iron indifference, that tranquil contemptuousness, conquered me, and I struck my colors.
Benjamin, finding that his threats and his struggles were useless, had good sense enough to learn patience from the resigned manner of his companion, and soon settled himself down by the side of Natty, with a contemptuousness expressed in his hard features, that showed he had substituted disgust for rage.
In these three weeks the Indian government has gone from cocky arrogance to vain contemptuousness to jittery uneasiness at the global reaction to its unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional step.
Contemptuousness was raised to the level of a political stratagem without realising that the people did not approve of such crass negativeness.
No one else has talked about the contemptuousness of Gloria Grahame in such elegant terms.
Her quiet coldness of demeanour he interpreted into contemptuousness. (63) As Thornton focalizes on Margaret, his visual gaze links to his understanding, or misunderstanding, of her character as proud and contemptuous.
For what surprises one here--presumably Lara's interlocutor but also the reader--about the "half contemptuousness" (1.447) of Lara's tone is that the hero clearly does not offer his name with the intention of positioning himself in some recognizable social network or symbolic order.
The success of the metaphor has given Rahul an easy, smiling contemptuousness. You half expect to see a glint in his eye before the suit- boot reference so you know it's coming.