content analysis

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con·tent analysis

A systematic analysis of the content rather than the structure of a communication, such as a written work, speech, or film, including the study of thematic and symbolic elements to determine the objective or meaning of the communication.
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The previous content analysis by Buboltz and Savickas (1994) did not include a multicultural/diversity issues category and had a substantially smaller other category.
"THE TELEVISION landscape is blanketed with stories of sex," warns Vicky Rideout, vice president of the Kaiser Family foundation, which recently released Sex on TV 4, the latest installment in an ongoing content analysis of steamy small-screen offerings.
In addition Dynamic Content Analysis to analyse web page content, blocking inappropriate pages, is included, together with Deep Packet Inspection to block port-agile peer-to-peer network traffic.
Based on 24-hour urine content analysis, the researchers found that women who consumed chromium supplements absorbed a significantly higher amount of chromium picolinate, as compared to the other three types of chromium.
The solution includes data profiling, content analysis and matching and enhancement spanning data migration projects from start to finish.
An exploratory content analysis looks at indicators of the development of swift trust in the highest rated of a large number of online courses studied over a three year period, and contrasts these results with one of the poorest rated online courses.
The final chapter, some 60 pages in length, is devoted to a content analysis of the major subject matters and themes of Van Overbeke's jests.
Content analysis revealed an increase in the percentage of affective and cognitive terms.
After audiotapes of the focus group discussions had been transcribed, a content analysis of transcripts was performed; it employed the same coding scheme used for the free-listing responses.
Human chromosomal content of the clones of greatest interest will be determined by STS content analysis. Results from the 2 approaches are expected to be in agreement and may provide direction for an expression cloning approach.
"A Content Analysis of Magazine Advertisements from the United States and the Arab World." Journal of Advertising 29, 3 (2000): 69-82.
The product analyses email and databases through four key stages--policy identification, content disassembly, content analysis and message classification/disposal path selection.

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