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con·tent word

A word, such as a noun, verb, or adjective, that has a statable lexical meaning, rather than indicating a syntactic function, as a function word does.
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content word

(Linguistics) a word to which an independent meaning can be given by reference to a world outside any sentence in which the word may occur. Compare function word, lexical meaning
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con′tent word`

a word, typically a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb, that carries semantic content, bearing reference to the world independently of its use within a particular sentence (disting. from function word).
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Noun1.content word - a word to which an independent meaning can be assigned
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
head word, headword - a content word that can be qualified by a modifier
noun - a content word that can be used to refer to a person, place, thing, quality, or action
verb - a content word that denotes an action, occurrence, or state of existence
modifier, qualifier - a content word that qualifies the meaning of a noun or verb
lexical meaning - the meaning of a content word that depends on the nonlinguistic concepts it is used to express
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(2015), "...relevant words included names, content words, and words providing the meaning or context of a content word.
Students should now learn not only to understand and interpret language, but to analyze it--using higher-level thinking skills to discuss and debate meaning rather than focusing simply on the ability to translate content word for word.
as * as the, and another where at least one fixed element may be a content word, e.g.
In Hebrew, many function morphemes can appear as separate letters which are attached as prefixes to content words. Although words with prefixes werenot more frequent than content words, participants missed the target letter more often when it served as a function prefix than when it was part of a content word.
The first content word cells ranks as the 24th most frequent word.
This shows that the absence of [NE.sup.type] as a content word has a negative effect on the WER.
CRFSOl finds all nouns in a sentence and then searches the previous sentence for an overlap (match) of a content word (noun, verb, adjective or adverb).
This roughly gives a rate of a bit more than 1 content word per second.
Each of the icons is associated with a particular content word that appears in the corpus of text used to train the machine translation system.
In English, a function word comes before a content word (the dog, his hat, with friends, for example) and the duration of the content word is longer, while in Japanese or Hindi, the order is reversed, and the pitch of the content word higher.
The shifted content word of T is defined as the word retrieved from reading off the values in the cells from lowest shifted content to highest, reading northeast along diagonals of constant shifted content.

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