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Satisfied with things as they are; content: a contented expression on the child's face.

con·tent′ed·ly adv.
con·tent′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.contentedness - the state of being contented with your situation in life; "he relaxed in sleepy contentedness"; "they could read to their heart's content"
acceptance - the state of being acceptable and accepted; "torn jeans received no acceptance at the country club"
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[kənˈtentɪdnɪs] Ncontento m, satisfacción f
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"My darling!" she whispered, "we may own we love each other now?" Her head nestled with a tender contentedness on my bosom.
In fact it's a message of contentedness and caution.
It doesn't have to be this way, for a little learning can help one better understand the animals they live with -- a dog's wagging tale almost always signifies contentedness, whereas, a cat thumping its tail, means that it is annoyed and better left alone.
"But it has brought a feeling of contentedness. I'm the most confident I've been in years.
They include hope, awareness and contentedness - which will be celebrated on World Human Spirit Day, taking place on Sunday, 17th February.
Laughter helps smooth out rough edges, calm overwrought emotions and deliver a sense of peace, calm and contentedness.
Happiness, on the other hand, has 17--a testament to the many varied forms of cheer, delight and contentedness.
Just about every gardener will tell you gardening inspires a deep sense of wonder, contentedness and well-being.
(MRSGI), Metro's vision is to become a world-class retail store with the mission to provide quality service, and to be responsive to customer's needs anchored on its philosophy of customer contentedness.
Mood improvement has been measured by calmness and contentedness in volunteers.
Put differently, mean- ingful development and social contentedness seem to be related.