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1. Given to contention; quarrelsome. See Synonyms at argumentative.
2. Involving or causing contention; controversial: "a central and contentious element of the book" (Tim W. Ferguson).

con·ten′tious·ly adv.
con·ten′tious·ness n.
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"Now, Ben, he was a Roman--let me tell," said Letty, using her elbow contentiously.
The report, perhaps contentiously, classes pizza as a 'New York' item rather than Italian, which means the highest European entry is macarons.
Felipe Anderson saw an early opener wrongly ruled out for offside, but the Brazilian cancelled out Pogba's first, contentiously awarded penalty shortly after half-time.
But they felt hard done by as Toby Jones had a second-half effort contentiously ruled out by the offside flag after seizing onto a loose ball when a free kick from debutant Yalany Baio had struck the home wall.
The 'One Tree Hill' star is contentiously being asked that if she is breastfeeding her son or not?
Contentiously, the law also appears to allow for the establishment of "Jewish-only" communities in Israel from which Arab citizens would be barred.
No Liverpool manager has ever won the Premier League Manager of the Season award, with Gerard Houllier contentiously beaten in 2001 by Ipswich Town's George Burley despite winning a cup treble and finishing above the Tractor Boys in the Premier League table.
Greig Spence saw a strike contentiously ruled out for offside but Davidson pounced in the dying moments.
Set in 1991 in Reno, Nevada, "Three the Hard Way" centers around a trio of sisters who contentiously reunite after the death of their gambler father, Albert (a too low-key Larry Boller).
Brady said a bit contentiously only 'We'll see' on Friday when asked whether he would play in Sunday's conference title game against Jacksonville.
As it functions in this book, "apophasis" is a flexible term inclusive of both "negative theology" and "deconstruction." One of the main points of this volume is that Kierkegaard's authorship opens pathways between these two resonate but often contentiously related terrains.