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Noun1.context of use - discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation
discourse - extended verbal expression in speech or writing
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They have to be able to perceive this context and to adapt their behaviours by considering data that deals with the context of use and user preferences.
Keywords: context of use, user profile, web-based information system, nomadic environment, ontology, user preferences, conflicts, ubiquitous computing, web service
This complexity is increased if the user is nomadic (user who frequently changes localization) and appealed the SIW (System Information on the Web), anywhere and anytime via mobile devices (PDAs, phones, laptops) because the change of localization, for example, causes a change in working conditions and consequently a change in the general context of use. Consequently, developers are incited to integrate these mobiles devices into their applications, giving rise to new information systems called pervasive or ubiquitous [1].
Actually, ensuring access by nomadic users to information Systems through various devices and the adaptation of responses to nomadic users profile and context of use are two bound problems.
* How to model the context of use and the nomadic user profile?

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