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Noun1.contextual definition - a definition in which the term is used by embedding it in a larger expression containing its explanation; "a contextual definition of `legal duty' might be `X has a legal duty to do Y means that X is required to do Y by a contract relationship that would be upheld in a court of law'"
definition - a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol
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Hallett covers both Frege's theory of definitions (rejecting contextual definition championed by Hilbert) and the resulting controversy with Hilbert on mathematical realism.
Contextual Definition and Ontological Commitment, DIRK GREIMANN
However, the format of the contextual definition (also called the full-sentence definition), which is the one we find consistently used in the COBUILD dictionaries (and occasionally in other pedagogical dictionaries) is characterised by Dziemianko as "even more effective" than the "modern" type of analytical definition.
This spiral supports the ability to provide incremental satisficing solutions in the proper contextual definition.
Although Chernus develops Eisenhower's use of "Augustinian terms" enough to give a contextual definition, he does not provide an adequate contextual definition of the theological views of Pelagius (see especially, 104, 154).
She tags the site she's on and other web pages she finds to create a definition of the tag, giving a contextual definition to LeapTag.
Education scholars from Europe, the US, and South Africa address the different contextual definitions of minority; the different purposes of education for minorities, including empowerment, developing community cohesion, reducing inequalities, and promoting a sense of national identity; and the relationship between education, minorities, and their ability to access and influence policy makers.
5 provides definitions for terms such as authorized representative (AR) and drug-device combination while contextual definitions are provided for words such as "immediately" and "unanticipated.