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 (kən-tĕks′cho͞o-əl, kŏn-)
Of, involving, or depending on a context.

con·tex′tu·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.contextually - in a manner dependent on context
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automatically captures data of sales activities, learns from the best sales reps in the organization and suggests next best actions contextually." The company added its technology eliminates the need to report data into CRM systems manually.
Debbie explains: 'the teachers and occupational therapists involved in the project have developed a contextually appropriate approach to inclusive education and the Resource Guide that has been produced has the potential to spread the vision, knowledge and skills to schools across the country
The agreement combines Magic Leap's focus on transformational technology and products with AT&T's innovative network and distribution to usher in a new kind of contextually aware, intelligent, human-computer interactivity.
LAHORE -- Kudos to the committed and contextually astute academic who posed the PTM question in a political science exam at Peshawar University (The Express Tribune, May 3rd edition).
As part of their existing partnership, Wipro and Harte Hanks are jointly marketing Opera Solutions' Signal Hub platform, an advanced big data analytics and machine learning platform that enables clients to deliver a contextually relevant and personalised customer experience.
PEN content features tailored patient education, custom practice messaging and contextually relevant sponsor messaging and is designed to empower patients to communicate more effectively with providers and help them play an integral role in their care.
The touchscreen display is compatible with the Surface Pen and Surface Dial as well, and the Dial can work contextually with different apps.
"Smoke, Nearby" promises to lend new visual readings to these intimately personal yet contextually contingent works.
Gurgaon, India, April 15, 2016 --( ixigo, India's leading travel search marketplace has announced the launch of an innovative app discovery platform that lets brands reach out to train travellers contextually and helps them discover apps and deals relevant to them.
Flytxt's advanced analytics powered solutions will enable Safaricom to improve customer experience through personalized and contextually relevant engagement with customers throughout their lifecycles.
The company's flagship sites, and are leading destinations in each of their respective verticals and connect the company's audience with financial service and senior care providers and other contextually relevant advertisers.