continental divide

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Continental Divide

The hydrographic line extending from Alaska to Mexico that divides the parts of North America whose waters drain to the Pacific Ocean from those parts that drain to the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The portion of it running along the crest of the Rocky Mountains is often called the Great Divide.

continental divide

An extensive stretch of high ground from each side of which the river systems of a continent flow in opposite directions.

continental divide

(Physical Geography) the watershed of a continent, esp (often caps.) the principal watershed of North America, formed by the Rocky Mountains

continen′tal divide′

1. a divide separating river systems that flow to opposite sides of a continent.
2. (caps.) Also called Great Divide. the watershed in North America formed by the Rocky Mountains, separating streams flowing west from those flowing east.

con·ti·nen·tal divide

A region of high ground, from each side of which the river systems of a continent flow in opposite directions. ♦ In North America, the Continental Divide is a series of mountain ridges stretching from Alaska to Mexico.
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Noun1.continental divide - the watershed of a continent (especially the watershed of North America formed by a series of mountain ridges extending from Alaska to Mexico)continental divide - the watershed of a continent (especially the watershed of North America formed by a series of mountain ridges extending from Alaska to Mexico)
water parting, watershed, divide - a ridge of land that separates two adjacent river systems
Great Divide - that part of the continental divide formed by the Rocky Mountains in the United States
North America - a continent (the third largest) in the western hemisphere connected to South America by the Isthmus of Panama
divisoria continental
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Agency representatives from the Yellowstone, Northern Continental Divide, Selkirk and Cabinet-Yaak ecosystems will speak to the issue at tomorrows meeting.
Continuing south on the Continental Divide, raging forest fires seen in the distance indicated driving conditions too dangerous to follow the immediate planned route.
Editorial Note: Heather Anderson is the second woman to complete the "Double Triple Crown of Backpacking," completing the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide National Scenic Trails twice each.
Critique: An engaging, entertaining, and ultimately inspired and inspiring read from cover to cover, "The Spirit of the Trail: A Journey to Fulfillment Along the Continental Divide" is an extraordinary adventure that is particularly recommended for the personal reading lists of bicycling enthusiasts and armchair travelers.
Continental Divide: A History of American Mountaineering tells of a history that began in 1642, with a man who became the first American mountaineer to scale Mount Washington--and who was labeled insane for his effort.
In an effort to bridge this continental divide, Movement Research, the center for experimental performance in New York, continues its International Dance Dialogues this fall.
While crossing the Continental Divide, Henry and crew are even run off their "roadway" by a train coming straight at them.
-- A bylaws amendment to extend the boundaries of the Eastern Section of the American Society for Enology & Viticulture westward to the Continental Divide was approved at the society's 35th annual conference held from July 12 to 15 at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
This western MT County has one of the most moderate temperatures west of Continental Divide. New 20,000 sq ft fac on 5 acres allows you to build homes indoors or outdoors in the graveled yard.
Subsequent research has amply confirmed Hajnal's continental divide. The Western European pattern restricted fertility, especially when it was coupled with very low levels of childbirth out of wedlock.
Greenwich Associates, a market research firm, surveyed 458 asset managers, banks and pension fund managers in North America, Europe and Asia for their opinions, revealing a "consensus that the current regulatory framework has been proven inadequate and must be rebuilt." The survey also revealed a continental divide on the issue.
Daniel Huey took this beauty along the Continental Divide near Aspen, Colorado.

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