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Noun1.continental plan - a hotel plan that provides a continental breakfast daily
hotel plan, meal plan - a plan and a room rate for providing a room and meals to guests at a hotel
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The promoters adopted a Continental Plan against illiteracy and a free Latin American Health Plan.
Economic Competitiveness: A Seamless North American Market," in which he calls for, among other things, negotiating a common external tariff; building public support for a "shared vision" via various information initiatives, such as a "Buy North America" push to replace "Buy America"-type slogans in the United States; forging a "continental plan for transportation and infrastructure" (NAFTA Superhighway, anyone?); and creating a "single North American regulatory group on regulatory issues with a comprehensive strategy." This last is particularly vague and open-ended; does Pastor truly propose to give an international group competency to overhaul the vast web of American commercial regulations (like the UCC) to bring it into compliance with a regional trade accord?
A Continental Plan package is also available from $411 per room, double, and includes all of the above features except guests will receive a daily buffet/set-menu for breakfast only (no lunch or dinner included in the cost).
United and Continental plan to retain two labor representatives on the new company's board but didn't seek approval from powerful pilots' representatives ahead of the pact.
"Continental plan sponsors deserve to be complimented for the responsible steps they have taken to stabilize their situation after the market debacles of 2000 to 2002," says Chris McNickle, a consultant with the survey authors, Greenwich Associates.
"The NAC [a new 'North American Commission'] should develop an integrated continental plan for transportation and infrastructure that includes new North American highways and high-speed rail corridors."
Among the many things Pastor proposed was "establishing a single 'North American Customs and Immigration Service,'" to be composed of "officials from the three governments, trained together." He also called on the NAFTA governments (Mexico, Canada, and the United States) to create a North American Commission of "distinguished individuals" (like himself) whose "task would be to help the leaders think continentally." One of the new commission's duties would be to "develop an integrated continental plan for transportation and infrastructure." This should include, he said, "new highway corridors on the Pacific Coast and into Mexico," as well as "a plan that would permit mergers of the railroads and development of high-speed rail corridors."
Pastor also says there is "more that a North American Commission could propose--a continental plan for infrastructure and transportation, a plan for harmonizing regulatory policies, a customs union, [and] a common currency." "But the boldest accomplishment," he says, "would be a Development Fund." The U.S., Canada and Mexico "should not create a new bureaucracy; the World Bank and the Inter American Development Bank could administer it."
Continental plans to operate an average of 25 drilling rigs during 2019, down from 31 rigs at the end of 2018 and one more rig than the 2018 average of 24 rigs.
BAKKEN DRIVES GROWTH, FCF: Continental plans to increase its Bakken rig count to approximately six during 2018 from four at year-end 2017, which is expected to increase wells drilled as drilled uncompleted well inventory is worked down.
In Oklahoma, Continental plans to operate an average of 15 drilling rigs during 2018, of which eight rigs will be in STACK targeting the Meramec and Woodford formations, and seven rigs will be in the SCOOP play primarily targeting the Springer and Woodford formations.