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1. A joining or touching.
2. Contingency.


1. the state of touching or being in contact
2. another word for contingency


(kənˈtɪn dʒəns)

contact or tangency.
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Noun1.contingence - a possible event or occurrence or result
happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent - an event that happens


A coming together so as to be touching:
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"I'm committed to continuing to build on our special relationships with ROK and each of UN sending states and national contingence as we work together in our collective missions for a peaceful and secure Korean Peninsula," he said, according to ( a report in the Korean Herald.
AR 381-141, Intelligence Contingence Funds, governs the use of intelligence contingency funds.
Contingence of police will be deployed at the entrance and exit points of the district to check every suspicious movement.
Le specifique de cette ligne de pensee que Lefort partage avec d'autres auteurs, tels Ernesto Laclau ou Slavoj Zizek, est de transformer le regime de fonctionnement de la dissimulation : celle-ci ne cache plus une realite preconstituee, comme c'etait le cas dans le marxisme classique, mais voile la contingence originaire de toute institution socio-politique.
Being without any contingence, the Most-high is transcendent, indivisible and absolutely infinite, all reality is included in Him.
Car inevitablement, il sacrifie les singularites, "oublie" la contingence "alogique" du ceci, "mutilant" ainsi la realite [...] (98, original emphasis)
c'est indifferent et c'est ce qui lui donne une valeur inechangeable parce que sa contingence la rend incomparable a quoi que ce soit d'autre.
The values in the columns were used to do the contingence table to calculate Kappa's coefficient.
Essai sur la necessite de la contingence (Meillassoux 2006) que el nuevo realismo adquiere plena carta de ciudadania en el pensamiento filosofico del siglo XXI.
DPO Qasim Ali said that he had almost prepared the contingence security plan adding that police constables will perform their duty with MNAs, MPAs, District Nazim, District councilors during Eid.
In other words, was the difference observed between Condition A and B (mainly for Negao) more due to the disturbing contingence arrangement set up for Condition B than to the favorable contingence arrangement set up in Condition A, or the other way around?
For the overall population, including the automobile workers as well as control workers, the 2X2 contingence table is shown in Table 4.