contingent probability

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Noun1.contingent probability - the probability that an event will occur given that one or more other events have occurred
probability, chance - a measure of how likely it is that some event will occur; a number expressing the ratio of favorable cases to the whole number of cases possible; "the probability that an unbiased coin will fall with the head up is 0.5"
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The author then recaps Street's own naturalist translation of normative epistemic judgments into purely descriptive, contingent probability statements, and argues that, on her own terms, the reasoning that leads her rationally to believe in evolutionary theory (and other scientific theories) could be only probabilistically sensitive to the relevant purely descriptive, contingent probabilities by sheer chance.
Neither so obvious nor so calamitous as the nemesis of faith, that of scepticism is only a contingent probability. Without the pull of faith, a purely sceptical government may not be appropriately aware of change in a complex society "and consequently is apt to be insensitive even to those effects of change which come within its province, namely the appearance of conditions which require an adjustment in the system of rights and duties if a relevant order is to be maintained" (p.