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A plural of continuum.
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Continua slabs, part of the company's high-end and innovative Elegance Ceramics urban boutique tile collection, boasts the gigantic tile of size 135 x 300 cm in 14.5 mm to 15 mm thickness.
Para fortalecerlas, se necesita de practicas eficientes de mejora continua e innovacion adaptadas a su tamano y tipo de negocio(Pino, Garcia, Piattini, & Oktaba, 2006).
Coverage includes integral transforms and their inversion formulae, infinite and semi-infinite continua, bounded continuum, infinite and semi-infinite lamella, rectangle, quadrant layer and octant layer, cuboid, infinite and semi-infinite cylindrical continua, bounded cylindrical continuum, wedge-shaped infinite and semi-ion finite continua, wedge-shaped bounded continuum, and wedge.
-- The incidence of hemicrania continua might be underestimated because diagnosis of patients with two superimposed unilateral headaches is a clinical challenge, Dr.
Easily missed on a main thoroughfare teeming with tourists, Galleria Continua might seem emblematic of a country too steeped in its impressive past to cultivate an internationally relevant contemporary art scene.
The new agency combines CARF's accreditation services for adult day programs, assisted living, and medical rehabilitation with CCAC's focus on aging services continua, including CCRCs.
Force continua perpetuate hesitation and exacerbate the natural reluctance of officers to apply significant force even when faced with a serious threat.