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v. con·tin·ued, con·tin·u·ing, con·tin·ues
1. To go on with a particular action or in a particular condition; persist: We continued until the job was finished.
2. To exist over a period; last: The meeting continued for another hour.
3. To remain in the same state, capacity, or place: She continued as mayor for a second term.
4. To go on after an interruption; resume: The negotiations continued after a break for dinner.
5. To extend in a given direction: The stream continues for another five miles before it reaches the lake.
1. To carry on; persist in: The police will continue their investigation. I continued reading all afternoon.
2. To carry further in time, space, or development; extend: The builder will continue the road right through the swamp.
3. To cause to remain or last; retain or maintain: Are you continuing the prescription? The team continued its dominance over its opponents.
4. To carry on after an interruption; resume: After a break for lunch, we continued our hike.
5. Law To postpone or adjourn.

[Middle English continuen, from Old French continuer, from Latin continuāre, from continuus, continuous, from continēre, to hold together; see contain.]

con·tin′u·a·ble adj.
con·tin′u·er n.


continuing; not having stopped
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Adj.1.continued - without stop or interruption; "to insure the continued success of the war"; "the continued existence of nationalism"; "the continued popularity of Westerns"
discontinued - stopped permanently or temporarily; "discontinued models"; "a discontinued magazine"; "a discontinued conversation"
References in classic literature ?
As for you, Amy," continued Meg, "you are altogether to particular and prim.
Upon the veranda of his house by the ravine, Wing Biddlebaum continued to walk up and down until the sun had disappeared and the road beyond the field was lost in the grey shadows.
he continued, as he looked over the little flotilla which carried his party and his goods.
The dinner lasted all afternoon; then it became a supper and continued far into the night.
Even so," replied the stranger, making diligent use of his triangular castor, to produce a circulation in the close air of the woods, and leaving his hearers in doubt to which of the young man's questions he responded; when, however, he had cooled his face, and recovered his breath, he continued, "I hear you are riding to William Henry; as I am journeying thitherward myself, I concluded good company would seem consistent to the wishes of both parties.
Emma continued to entertain no doubt of her being in love.
Not those," I continued, pointing to an odd garment which the wind was wantonly puffing out in the quaintest way, "but that pretty petticoat and those silk stockings?
The Same Subject Continued, and Re-Eligibility of the Executive Considered From the Independent Journal.
Monsieur," continued Dantes, "I know it is not in your power to release me; but you can plead for me -- you can have me tried -- and that is all I ask.
Olivain obeyed and continued on his way, whilst Raoul remained sitting, with his elbow leaning on the table, from time to time gently shaking the flowers from his head, which fell upon him like snow, and gazing vaguely on the charming landscape spread out before him, dotted over with green fields and groups of trees.
It behooved him, also, to keep his party together, to guard against any predatory attack upon the main body; he continued on his way, therefore, without dividing his forces.
At the next meeting of the Dorcas Society, of which I am an unworthy member," continued Maria, without listening to his remonstrance.