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Oxford is pleased to partner once again with Continuum," said Tracy S.
The basic idea of Continuum is that activating the body's fluid system boosts our creativity, flexibility, and vitality.
If we performed this calculation starting with zeroth-order eigenfunctions, corresponding to single electronic configurations, we would find that absorption is due to superposition of a continuum of almost constant intensity with lines belonging to series that converge to the [.
The continuum model, however, emphasizes that as records end up in archives, records managers should have equal social responsibilities in deciding what is captured and preserved for posterity.
Proving the truth or falsehood of Cantor's continuum hypothesis boils down to answering this: Where does the set of real numbers sit in the hierarchy of infinite sets?
Bell refers to the phenomenon of the fusion of peasant family production with early Chinese industry as "China's new developmental continuum at the turn of the twentieth century" (pp.
Many different types of a force option continuum exist.
Kearsley's response to this trend is the Continuum of Care expansion project, which was officially completed in March 1996 and was designed to bridge the gap between housing for independent living and nursing home care.
Contained within the MCV complex is the complete continuum of care for patients with SCI, including a state-of-the-art neuroscience intensive care unit, a neuroscience progressive care unit, a neurosurgery unit, and a CARF-accredited SCI rehabilitation program.
In his consulting role, Greenwald will focus on building relationships between Continuum and healthcare stakeholders around the country, including health systems, physician groups, commercial payers, Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), among others.
We recognize that Medicare managed care is coming to New York State," said Iannello, "and we've prepared by structuring a full continuum of services and by adopting four concepts developed by the National Chronic Care Consortium: integrated management, integrated care management, integrated information systems and integrated financial systems.
Advances in nonlethal neutralizing agents--most notably oleoresin capsicum, or "pepper spray"--give today's law enforcement officers a means to control subjects without resorting to a physical confrontation or to the deadly force level of the force continuum.

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