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(word root) against
Examples of words with the root contra-: contradictory
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 (kŏn′trə, kōn′-)
A member of the rebel forces that opposed the leftist government of Nicaragua in the 1980s with the funds and support of the United States government.

[Spanish, short for contrarrevolucionario, counterrevolutionary, from contrarrevolución, counterrevolution : contra-, contra- (from Latin contrā-; see contra-) + revolución, revolution (from Late Latin revolūtiō, revolūtiōn-; see revolution).]


In contrast or opposition to; against.
In opposition to something stated or expected; to the contrary.

[Latin contrā, against; see kom in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈkɒn trə)

1. against; in opposition or contrast to.
2. on or to the contrary.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin contrā]


a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite,” “opposing”: contradistinction.
[< Late Latin, Latin, prefixal use of adv. and preposition contrā]


a prefix meaning “pitched lower than” the voice or instrument specified by the following element: contralto; contrabassoon.
[< Italian < Latin; see contra-1, counterpoint]
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Noun1.Contra - a member of the guerrilla force that opposed a left-wing government in Nicaragua
Nicaraguan - a native or inhabitant of Nicaragua
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He ran aft, drew in the sheet, and filled on the long tack toward the Contra Costa Hills.
At an altitude of five hundred feet, the pigeon drove on over the town of Berkeley and lifted its flight to the Contra Costa hills.
He taught certain uncouth lads, when they were of an age to enter society, the intricacies of contra dances, or the steps of the schottische and mazurka, and he was a marked figure in all social assemblies, though conspicuously absent from town-meetings and the purely masculine gatherings at the store or tavern or bridge.
I could make out the Selby Smelter on the Contra Costa shore and the Mare Island lighthouse.
There's the Alameda & Contra Costa Land Syndicate, the Consolidated Street Railways, the Yerba Buena Ferry Company, the United Water Company, the Piedmont Realty Company, the Fairview and Portola Hotel Company, and half a dozen more that I've got to refer to a notebook to remember.
Began in the Contra Costa in Oakland when I was eleven, shakin' out for the mangle.
He stopped; his eyebrows contra cted a little; and he looked aside hesitatingly at Mrs.
Per contra, there is no one in the world more worthy of confidence and respect than this young Russian lady.
Years after his break with Wagner, he wrote "The Case of Wagner", and "Nietzsche contra Wagner", and these works are with us to prove the sincerity and depth of his views on the man who was the greatest event of his life.
Can you blame me for quittin'the dirty game?--Why, I'd sooner fight before broke-down old plugs of work-horses that's candidates for chicken-meat, than before them rotten bunches of stiffs with nothin' thicker'n water in their veins, an' Contra Costa water at that when the rains is heavy on the hills."
Asmunsen, the owner of a large granite quarry in Contra Costa County.
On the other side, though, there's the PER CONTRA, by means of this pretty chick.