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Noun1.contraceptive method - birth control by the use of devices (diaphragm or intrauterine device or condom) or drugs or surgery
birth control, birth prevention, family planning - limiting the number of children born
oral contraception - contraception achieved by taking oral contraceptive pills
surgical contraception - contraception by surgical sterilization
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The major drivers behind the growing intrauterine contraceptive devices market include increasing rate of unplanned pregnancies, effective contraceptive method, and less side effects as compared to other contraceptive methods.
Jadelle is the first contraceptive implant to be prequalified by the World Health Organization and considered a highly effective contraceptive method.
The prospect of such an examination may deter a woman, especially an adolescent, from having a clinical visit that could facilitate her use of a more effective contraceptive method than those available over the counter," the committee wrote.
The selection of a contraceptive method is a complex decision that involves both the woman and her partner, and several other factors are also involved in this regard [9].
About one-third had never used an effective contraceptive method.
A score of 3 (pink) suggests there is a "relative contraindication" in which there are some concerns, but the advantages of using that contraceptive method outweigh the risks for that patient.
After counselling, more than a third of the women decided to use a different contraceptive method than initially intended.
Louis, Missouri, area who were at risk for unintended pregnancy and were willing to start a new contraceptive method.
The study's authors said their study was possibly limited because of the fact that participants were at high risk for unintended pregnancy and had to be willing to switch to a new contraceptive method, "which may have resulted in overestimation of contraceptive failure rates.
It revealed: "If all women in developing countries who want to avoid pregnancy use an effective contraceptive method, the number of maternal deaths would fall by a further 30%.
The condom is the only contraceptive method that provides significant protection against STIs.
Young females are also almost twice as likely to have a birth before reaching age 20 if they did not use a contraceptive method at their first sex.