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v. con·tra·dict·ed, con·tra·dict·ing, con·tra·dicts
1. To assert to be untrue, often by saying the opposite: "The study contradicts the notion that merely keeping busy keeps people healthy" (Richard A. Knox). See Synonyms at deny.
2. To assert the opposite of a statement or idea put forward by (someone).
3. To be contrary to; be inconsistent with: "[Her] almost giddy warmth in conversation appears to contradict her image as a confrontational, politically outspoken performer" (Elysa Gardner).
To make a contradictory statement.

[Latin contrādīcere, contrādict-, to speak against : contrā-, contra- + dīcere, to speak; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

con′tra·dict′a·ble adj.
con′tra·dict′er, con′tra·dic′tor n.
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"I regret," replied Michel Ardan, "that I have not the honor of personally knowing my contradictor, for I would have attempted to answer him.
In the third and final passage, at the end of the inquiry, Theaetetus notes that the private ([phrase omitted], echoing [phrase omitted] in 221d1-4) contradictor cannot be [phrase omitted] because they have set the sophist down as "not knowing ([phrase omitted])." These three passages allude to the alternative understanding of sophistry stated in the Gorgias, hitting at the possibility that the sophist might only have experience but not expertise.
After years of spreading fake news and rumors, nurturing conspiracy theories, hurling insults at any contradictor brave enough to oppose them, resorting ultimately to death threats, all that under the cover of anonymity, and abusing the badly named "social networks," it was only a question of time before the populists would shift from words to deeds.
contradictor. (94) Even absent settlement, a respondent who does not
Outward signs of a polarity are persistent tension, reoccurring chronic issues, mixed contradictor)' messages, and strong resistance to change.