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1. Involving, of the nature of, or being a contradiction: contradictory reports about the vaccine's effectiveness. See Synonyms at opposite.
2. Given to contradicting: The contradictory council members often ended up squabbling.
n. pl. con·tra·dic·to·ries Logic
Either of two propositions related in such a way that it is impossible for both to be true or both to be false.

con′tra·dic′to·ri·ly adv.
con′tra·dic′to·ri·ness n.
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Adv.1.contradictorily - in a contradictory manner; "he argued contradictorily"
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You have, indeed, flattered me very strongly by representing me as constantly thinking of and for other people, whereas the rest think of themselves alone, but on the other hand you have contradictorily called me "unsocial," which is certainly the last adjective I should have expected to find in the neighborhood of my name.
Mr Davies disparagingly refers to "climate alarmists" (presumably including myself ) who might choose a "hot week" as evidence of global warming, when contradictorily he is the one to select an arbitrarily short period to justify his own preconceptions.
Mr Davies disparagingly refers to 'climate alarmists' (presumably including myself ) who might choose a 'hot week' as evidence of global warming, when contradictorily he is the one to select an arbitrarily short period to justify his own preconceptions.
Spike Jonze, of "Being John Malkovich" and "Where the Wild Things Are", directs this satirical yet emotion-filled examination of how modern technology has, contradictorily, managed to somehow bring us closer together while also ensuring we are more distant than ever before.
Furthermore, the standard implementation of ADFS, which offers rich security features, is quite contradictorily found lacking in security event (such as user activity) reporting capabilities.
Contradictorily, the risk of diabetes was increased among women who had a high intake of hard liquor, though this was not noticed in the men.
The present Health Minister as the Minister responsible to act according to the Medical Act, has acted completely contradictorily that previous Health Ministers had acted.
sup][42] But contradictorily, others declared that no difference existed between HSCR children with diarrhea and those without diarrhea.
Contradictorily, Margaret also views "foreigners" as "different, superior and therefore desirable"; thus they are both excluded and exoticised.
However, it also states, somewhat contradictorily, that PAPs, irrespective of their marital status, and whether or not they have their own biological children, can adopt a child (5b).
In fact, while Freddy argues for his trustworthiness, at times he contradictorily refers to his writing as being "delusional.
Lawson says he doesn't want to actually write screenplays; the man whose work seems to come from the same DNA wants, somewhat contradictorily, little to do with its bloodline.