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1. Involving, of the nature of, or being a contradiction: contradictory reports about the vaccine's effectiveness. See Synonyms at opposite.
2. Given to contradicting: The contradictory council members often ended up squabbling.
n. pl. con·tra·dic·to·ries Logic
Either of two propositions related in such a way that it is impossible for both to be true or both to be false.

con′tra·dic′to·ri·ly adv.
con′tra·dic′to·ri·ness n.
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Noun1.contradictoriness - the relation that exists when opposites cannot coexist
oppositeness, opposition - the relation between opposed entities
incompatibility, inconsistency, mutual exclusiveness, repugnance - the relation between propositions that cannot both be true at the same time
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But he was not without contradictoriness and rebellion even towards his own resolve.
Strickland was just the man to rise superior to circumstances, when they were such as to occasion despondency in most; but whether this was due to equanimity of soul or to contradictoriness it would be difficult to say.
Hence, the aspects forming the cultural identity become the basis of personality's contradictoriness, which may have both positive and negative consequences (James 175/ These cultural identity forming identifiers are being discussed, changed and supplemented, some of them are emphasized, whereas others are considered unimportant.
Perhaps the contradictoriness of her family background explains this ambivalent stance: whereas her maternal grandfather was a member of the nomenklatura and remained loyal to the USSR to his (and beyond its) dying day, her mother "likes to portray herself as Dissident-Born .
Other possible subsidiaries of (B) might conceivably be values that could refer to, build on, or (for Buddhist-soteriological purposes) even supersede, but not constitutively contradict, that founding value: "According to Dharmakirti and his successors, the contradictoriness between ignorance (avidya) and knowledge (vidya) lies in the fact that the two cognitions display contrary akaras of the alambana" (Eltschinger 259, n.
In short, the "right" to signify from the periphery of authorized power and privilege does not depend on the persistence of tradition; it is resourced by the power of tradition to be reinscribed through the conditions of contingency and contradictoriness that attend upon the lives of those who are "in the minority" (Bhabha 2004).
But what the newcomer might find more surprising-provocative is the almost unrelenting contradictoriness of the authors, who are constantly at odds with their heritage, with one another, and sometimes with themselves.
Susana Onega's reflection on Anne Michaels' Fugitive Pieces (1996) departs from an illuminating analysis of the relationship between the title's "intertextual complexity, contradictoriness and self-consciousness" and the excessiveness of romance as the most significant formal feature of the novel (212).
This, however, has nothing to do with "a large hole in the center"--and such a thing cannot be associated either with Fitzgerald, Faulkner, or even Hemingway, if we observe that, by being alcohol addicts, they were bound to be full of contradiction--this contradictoriness in their character, therefore, is merely a symptom of the bipolar disorder, and of nothing else.
There is a compelling irony in this response, not only with reference to its insurmountable contradictoriness in the face of his suggestion that Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea not rely on the U.
Therefore the individual voices in all their complexity and contradictoriness will provide "data" to the long-term effort to comprehend one of the most horrifically systematic attempts at extermination of the "other" in recent times.
The Montaignian moments in Prior's corpus always enact such difference; they ironize, they falsify Montaigne--and are perhaps truly Montaignian because of their contradictoriness.