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Distinction by contrasting or opposing qualities.

con′tra·dis·tinc′tive adj.
con′tra·dis·tinc′tive·ly adv.
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One might think the decision to show Margaret O'Rorke and Beverley Bell-Hughes together was problematic as their styles are so divergent, but the exhibition owed its success to these two opposing approaches to the material, both of which arose from their exploitation of light and texture in the remarkable, often contradistinctive, properties of clay.
This is a book which deals primarily with values, for it is values and value theory which unite the otherwise contradistinctive disciplines of aesthetics and ethics.
This final point is especially problematic because curricular activists and various culture warriors tend to speak of "American" as contradistinctive of "Muslim," as if there are not six or seven million people who can claim both identities, which endow the category of "American" a distinctly white and Christian normativity.