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An opposite position; antithesis.


1. the act of placing opposite or against, esp in contrast or antithesis
2. (Logic) logic the derivation of the contrapositive of a given categorial proposition


(ˌkɒn trə pəˈzɪʃ ən)

1. placement opposite or against.
2. opposition or antithesis.
3. the inference drawn from a proposition by negating its terms and changing their order, as by inferring “not B implies not A” from “A implies B.”
[1545–55; < Late Latin]
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However, the move of the US envoy seems in contraposition with the Libyan efforts which gathered more than five factions in what is called the Tripoli Group to negotiate with the Sudanese government with one political agenda and one delegation.
But antitrust policy is not in contravention or contraposition to
Several repudiated the contraposition of social and political history.
Here I cannot examine all the aspects of this discussion which concerns, for instance, the differences between the ontological and the methodological conception of the unity of science, the alleged contraposition between 'natural causality' and 'destiny's causality' or Habermas' (and in part Gadamer's) thesis that all natural laws are history-free and context-free.
9) In contraposition to the common reading led by post-war analysts, Horkheimer and Adorno believe that since the turn of the 20th century there has been a rising trend that finds in fascism the epicentre of an already existent wave, but goes beyond this fascism in the new development of capitalism.
On the view that the second ("not as in a lake") represents simply the contraposition of the first, this requirement can be thought superfluous.
Protestantism, in opposition to medieval Catholicism, starts with a principal elimination of the contraposition between Church and secular, or worldly, while secular crafts, civic professions, and activities at home or at an enterprise are most-considered as an execution of religious duties, of which the scope is thus broadened to embrace all secular activities.
Thus, the contraposition of political grounds to economic grounds is a false contraposition.
This is quite interesting, by contraposition to the avoidance of, or then only begrudging, acknowledgement of the diasporic Jew's contribution to the war efforts of the country whose citizenship he shared with the hostile propagandist.
In the course of this central day, the communion of man with the divine is first represented with the holocaust sacrifice held at dawn at Praba's shrine; then the communion between men with the overcoming of the contraposition between the two moieties; and finally the communion of man and nature is celebrated with the symbolic descent of the markhors who, as sung in the song, "mix with men".
In this concluding section of my argument, therefore, Stevens's wartime filmmaking stands in distinct contraposition to Cukor's postwar filmmaking, despite the Hepburn/Tracy linkage, to the degree that Stevens's formulaic representations of gender in every way serve to distance themselves from Cukor's repetitions of sexual process lived by and through their collaborative difference.
The same could be said of "oral composition," or "oral style," whose existence makes sense only in contraposition to a "literate" style.