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An opposite position; antithesis.


1. the act of placing opposite or against, esp in contrast or antithesis
2. (Logic) logic the derivation of the contrapositive of a given categorial proposition


(ˌkɒn trə pəˈzɪʃ ən)

1. placement opposite or against.
2. opposition or antithesis.
3. the inference drawn from a proposition by negating its terms and changing their order, as by inferring “not B implies not A” from “A implies B.”
[1545–55; < Late Latin]
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It is salutary to see the apparition in the 21st Century of transdisciplinary propositions like natural structures theory, the ones presented in this book and some others in contraposition to what has been the current development of scientifically thought dividing nature in receptacles forgetting that it is a unity and we are simply a tiny part of it.
It is then not a question of subjectivity choosing either good or evil but of reaching the foundation of its contraposition.
Other musicians, such as the pianists Bebo Valdes and Rene Hernandez (who worked in those days with the bands led by Julio Cueva and Nino Rivera), incorporated jazz-tinged harmonies, with choruses in contraposition with trumpets, saxophones, and piano, which would be definitively catalyzed through Perez Prado in what is now known as the delightful mambo.
The same could be said of "oral composition," or "oral style," whose existence makes sense only in contraposition to a "literate" style.
The crafty contraposition of the term citizen--a free individual--to the term subject--one who is literally subjected to a ruling leader's whim--grammatically stages a revolutionary coup, rejecting the yoke of absolutism, whether in the monarchy or in the colonial structure, and declaring Puerto Rico a province on equal footing with any in the peninsula.
I have found when polling the jurists, the media and the like, that the defense attorneys they most respected and believed, were those who did not try to con or otherwise float doubtful defense theories, but simply tried to defend their clients with the best reasonable contraposition.
A recent study of Lebanese immigrant youth in western Sydney (Poynting, Noble & Tabar, 1999) has pointed out that Lebanese young boys tend to 'stick together' and have strong solidarity for each other and for other migrant groups but in contraposition to Anglo Australians.
Sisson points to the existence in Nabokov's works (giving a typical example in the short story "Terra Incognita") of "simultaneous but mutually exclusive fictional worlds presented in ambiguous contraposition in order that the reader's habits of perception are violated, thus liberating the reader's mind and stimulating it to a greater capacity of consciousness" (qtd.
74) On the one hand, this author shares even-handedly in the contraposition between the doctrines of participation by composition of Fabro and that of participation by assimilation, imitation or formal hierarchy, as expounded by Geiger.
These descriptions push themselves towards the limits of impossibility; they move us into the "territory of the fantastic," if not that of contradiction or contraposition of the ordinary and known.
To prove this, take the contraposition, or '[lambda] is not simple [right arrow] [y.
If we contrast Herbert's reporting with what situationally was given to be observed and told, we shall uncover distortions, twists and radical departures from true definition and appreciation of difference in this contraposition of characters drawn from separate cultures.