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An opposite position; antithesis.
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1. the act of placing opposite or against, esp in contrast or antithesis
2. (Logic) logic the derivation of the contrapositive of a given categorial proposition
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(ˌkɒn trə pəˈzɪʃ ən)

1. placement opposite or against.
2. opposition or antithesis.
3. the inference drawn from a proposition by negating its terms and changing their order, as by inferring “not B implies not A” from “A implies B.”
[1545–55; < Late Latin]
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We could also quote the famous 'preface' to La Persuasione e la Rettorica, with his apparent contraposition between the voice of the persuaded (Christ, Beethoven, Ibsen, Leopardi, etc.) and the rhetorical systematization of their 'lesson'; however, this would imply a discussion of the status of the preface, cut from the final copy of the manuscript and restored only in Campailla's edition of Michelstaedter's work.
By an intuitionistically valid instance of contraposition, they may infer that [logical not][logical not]Kp[right arrow] a [not equal to] b.
This contrapositive would be obviously false, showing contraposition to be invalid for such conditionals.
Thus, how Plato tempers skepticism and places soul at the center of cognition precludes projection of a "simple ontological dualism" into Plato's doctrines instead of a "contraposition between reality and appearances" (p.
(18) Strikingly enough, the celebration of the intimate mother-daughter relationship and female bonding makes "Polymnia Sacred Poetry" another version of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and a Korean American feminist contraposition to the fundamentally androcentric Demeter-Persephone myth in the Theogony.
Finally, a stark contraposition between the early and late Wittgenstein did not encourage people to work seriously on the development of Wittgenstein's position from the Tractatus through the transitional period to the later writings.
(3) The issue of the classification of prasangas that by their contraposition imply a self-constituted proof of similar type (bzlog pa rang rigs 'phen pa) or of dissimilar type (gzhan rigs 'phen pa) is one in which there was considerable disagreement in the Tibetan tradition.
From this perspective, the external sectors of the Latin American and Caribbean economies will be the axis of the new model of accumulation, in contraposition to the role played by the internal market in past decades.
The social representation of a specialist, in the case of the dietitians, that provides solutions in relation to food and nutrition is in contraposition to transdisciplinary factors which are essential elements for activities in this area (6).
The only drawback to this study is perhaps the abundance of back-to-back textual comparisons without conclusive or summarizing paragraphs to make their connections explicit, leaving the readers with the task of deducing what the contraposition of the texts in fact means.
For example, De Morgan's laws of equivalence as well as the rules of simplification, addition, and contraposition were well known to Ockham, Burley, Buridan, and Paul of Venice, who also formulated useful strategies for coping with problems of existential import, the putative Achilles' heel of "traditional" logic.
In an excellent study of Pedro de Ona's Arauco Domado [The Tamed Araucan] (1596), Elide Pitarrello has defined this sort of contraposition as the "via erotica de la conquista" [the erotic means of conquest] ("Arauco domado" 250 and passim).