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n. Logic
A proposition derived by negating and permuting the terms of another, equivalent proposition; for example, All not-Y is not-X is the contrapositive of All X is Y.


(Logic) placed opposite or against
(Logic) logic
a. a conditional statement derived from another by negating and interchanging antecedent and consequent
b. a categorial proposition obtained from another, esp validly, by any of a number of operations including negation, transferring the terms, changing their quality, and also possibly weakening from universal to particular


(ˌkɒn trəˈpɒz ɪ tɪv)
Logic. adj.
1. of or pertaining to contraposition.
2. a contrapositive statement.
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Logic. That which is diametrically opposed to another:
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Hughes theorizes that the modon's speed and directional movement are attributable to their balance--in each modon, one eddy has a whirlpool-like hole in the center, and the other has a nodule or bump of water that spins contrapositive to the first eddy.
"Only if" part: let us prove this part by contrapositive assuming that, for any [b.sub.+] > 0 and [b.sub.-] > 0, the set [mathematical expression not reproducible] is unbounded.
When walking slowly, the situation becomes contrapositive.
The contrapositive of the Apriori property (in the context of chemical-subject data) is that all subsets of a prevalent combination are also prevalent.
By the contrapositive property, we have not-F [right arrow] not-(C &
Theorem 9.4 can be stated in its contrapositive form and in terms of the complement G(z) of S(z) in Y.
By taking the contrapositive of the condition, we obtain a sufficient schedulability condition.
The contrapositive is that many of the subtle eccentricities in American copyright law are reflections of the comparative American legal obsession with procedure.
charged a grossly variable fee." (28) The contrapositive is that an
Proof by contraposition rests on the fact that an implication p [right arrow] q and its contrapositive [logical not]p [right arrow] [logical not]q (not q implies not p) are two logically equivalent statements.
Cloth, $69.95--This book gets its name as a contrapositive to the political liberalism of John Rawls and his followers.
b) Neutrosophic modus tollens (neutrosophic law of contrapositive):