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n. Logic
A proposition derived by negating and permuting the terms of another, equivalent proposition; for example, All not-Y is not-X is the contrapositive of All X is Y.


(Logic) placed opposite or against
(Logic) logic
a. a conditional statement derived from another by negating and interchanging antecedent and consequent
b. a categorial proposition obtained from another, esp validly, by any of a number of operations including negation, transferring the terms, changing their quality, and also possibly weakening from universal to particular


(ˌkɒn trəˈpɒz ɪ tɪv)
Logic. adj.
1. of or pertaining to contraposition.
2. a contrapositive statement.
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Logic. That which is diametrically opposed to another:
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The contrapositive of the Apriori property (in the context of chemical-subject data) is that all subsets of a prevalent combination are also prevalent.
By the contrapositive property, we have not-F [right arrow] not-(C &
The contrapositive is that many of the subtle eccentricities in American copyright law are reflections of the comparative American legal obsession with procedure.
Proof by contraposition rests on the fact that an implication p [right arrow] q and its contrapositive [logical not]p [right arrow] [logical not]q (not q implies not p) are two logically equivalent statements.
95--This book gets its name as a contrapositive to the political liberalism of John Rawls and his followers.
It follows from the contrapositive of the special case where k = 2 in Proposition 11 that the secure domination number of the graph
If Drago is the embodiment of pure evil--a figure who simply cannot be reasoned with--then Valka is his generous, nature-respecting contrapositive.
5) The contrapositive of "If A, then B" is "If not-B, then not-A.
6) "[W]hen the moral capacity to criticize or condemn is undermined, the capacity to perceive and register and speak the truth is not undermined with it, from which it follows--this is, roughly speaking, the contrapositive of the key point--that being in a position to utter a well-grounded truth does not suffice for being in a good position to condemn".
The contrapositive conclusion is that SSW would not be genetically suitable as a source of seed for reintroductions to historical habitat or augmentations of other populations.