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One who writes or composes counterpoint.


(ˌkɒntrəˈpʌntɪst) or


(Music, other) music a composer skilled in counterpoint


(ˌkɒn trəˈpʌn tɪst)

a person skilled in the practice of counterpoint.
[1770–80; < Italian contrappuntista]


1. a composer of music employing counterpoint figures, as fugues.
2. a performer of music employing counterpoint figures. Also contrapuntalist.
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Noun1.contrapuntist - a composer who specializes in counterpoint
composer - someone who composes music as a profession
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Nothing could be more absurd: as well attempt to interpret Beethoven in terms of mathematical physics--as many a fatuous contrapuntist, indeed, has tried to do.
The entire piece ends with the chorus Amen, composed as a great vocal-instrumental fugue, which presents Vanhal as a skilful contrapuntist of the second half of the 18th century.
In the language of his obituary, "Trajetta was a thorough contrapuntist, a performer on nearly every instrument of the orchestra, a solo-performer on several, an impassioned and cultivated singer, possessing a baritone voice of great natural ability, trained by severe study to fill the highest tenor part, and an inimitable orchestra conductor."
For example, the hyponyms of Composer are a mixture of concepts and instances: There are classes corresponding to different special fields, such as Contrapuntist or Song-writer, and examples of famous musicians of the past, such as Bach and Beethoven.
After crossing America from California to New York, however, the contrapuntist decided to pit one set of impressions against the other; in other words, he concluded on second thought that America and India--Ford and Buddha--were both equally wrong.
The view of Bach as primarily a contrapuntist is nicely balanced here by quotations of the position taken up immediately after his death that he was a master of harmony.