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We generally speak of a man's early relationship with his mother having an effect on his later relationships with women, and the women he is attracted to later in life are thought to embody qualities of his inner anima, or the contrasexual archetype in the unconscious.
13) "Laguna echoes here Beatriz Preciado's insistence made in Manifiesto contrasexual that the dildo displaces the question of pleasure not because it aims to supplement or replace the penis, but rather because it strips it from its repressive ideologies: "cualquier cosa puede devenir dildo, reestructura la relacion entre el adentro y el afuera, entre lo pasivo y lo activo, entre el organo natural y la maquina" (10).
El contrato contrasexual de Preciado, amen de ser una antipoda a la construccion metonimica de lo masculino/femenino del aparato de dominacion heterosocial, es una teoria del cuerpo que pone a la sexualidad como una tecnologia biopolitica donde el sistema de sexo/ genero y las practicas e identidades sexuales son protesis implantadas a fuerza de tecnicas biotecnologicas, quirurgicas, farmacologicas, bioquimicas, cinematograficas, fotograficas y ciberneticas que fijan y restringen nuestras potencialidades somaticas.
A partir del enfoque contrasexual, se problematiza el concepto de genero y el de violencia basada en genero, en el marco de los derechos humanos, pretendiendo avanzar en la construccion de un armazon conceptual que permita utilizar de manera simultanea, en el analisis de la informacion sanitaria, conceptos juridicos en dialogo con conceptos de los estudios de genero, acorde con los mandatos internacionales en el tema.
This is particularly the case in Lena Eckert's 'Post(-) anarchism and the Contrasexual Practices of Cyborgs in Dildotopia: or "The War on the Phallus"', which focuses on the Countersexual Manifesto by queer theorist Beatriz Preciado, an important reference for those who read Spanish, French or German, yet little known in the English-speaking world.
Pollesch's work not only brought together many themes that, in the German capital circa 2000, were much discussed in visual art and political activism circles (from the critique of neoliberalism to the boom in performance studies, from the Prekariat to Beatriz Preciado's Contrasexual Manifesto); it did so in a self-reflexive way that was at that time still unfamiliar to the art world.
The Axis knows that if it can train the dull beast of public opinion to indiscriminately lump the priests' crimes in with pedophilia of the more typical contrasexual sort, it can deflect attention away from the glaring fact that their adolescent male victims are the unfortunate cynosures of what it calls an "alternative lifestyle.
A strong admixture of contrasexual elements in both personalities thus accounts for a fair degree of psychological compatibility between the spouses: the similarities in their characters make them accept each other with understanding and tolerance, while their psychological differences explain the mutual attraction and warmth Molly and Leopold still feel for each other, despite their temporary sexual crisis.
Los trabajos de Beatriz Preciado y su manifiesto contrasexual constituyen el referente teorico sobre el que asienta el autor sus reflexiones para desmontar las mentiras que la Ilustracion edifico sobre el placer y la libertad sexual.
In a sense it was the maximal incarnation and actualisation of his own contrasexual self-image that seemed to be the all-consuming focus of his libidinal investment and desire.
So whether you're a metrosexual, a contrasexual or an ubersexual who wants to herd cats, fork a tree or shuffle some muppets, this is the dictionary for you.
Yet Jung goes further in deconstructing the imperious, patriarchal ego by declaring the autonomy of the unconscious and by describing a contrasexual anima indwelling within the psyche, whose function is to mediate between the now-relativized ego and the "objective psyche.