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1. contribution.
2. contributor.
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Indeed, one hopes that this path-breaking book will inaugurate scholarly if not popular interest in the thematic and narratological experimentations of a cadre of post-1970s authors, akin to invaluable contrib utions of Robert Stepto (From Behind the Veil) and Houston Baker (Blues, Ideology, and Afro-American Literature) in the theorization of black male literary subjects.
[FIGURE A2 OMITTED] Table A1 Uncertainties for a 100 kPa pressure measurement made with the piston pressure gage used as the standard for pressure calibrations Uncertainty category Standard uncertainty Contrib (k = 1) Relative Absolute Piston Pressure gage (x [10.sup.-6]) (kPa) (%) Pressure value 100 Piston effective area 12 0.0012 65 Thermal expansion 6 0.0006 4 Masses 1 0.0001 0 Local gravity 0.2 0.00002 0 Air density for buoyancy 0 0 0 Ref.
181-2] The contrib utions of these amateur historians, even when failing to provide a fully critical analysis, contributed to the accumulation of historical documents, the preservation of historic homes, the creation of historical societies, the establishment of historical sites, and the development of a popular audience for history.
The traditional blessing formula tells us that we humans are agents who contrib ute something vitally necessary for God to do God's work in the world--and not only for us to do our work in the world.
C U C U Contributivo 18.3 7.2 49.5 34.4 Subsidiado 9.8 4.9 26.8 21.9 Vinculado 11.6 2.1 32.6 21.0 Total 15.9 5.8 43.4 32.5 Cuadro 11 Distribucion por regimen de las personas mayores de 60 anos que conocen (C) y usan (U) los servicios de tratamiento Servicios de tratamiento Diabetes HTA Cancer Regimen C U C U C U Contrib. 41.6 3.9 50.9 16.5 35.8 0.7 SubsiD.
Visual score Linkage [R.sup.2] LOD Parental Interval group (%) value contrib. Satt12-T.16 G 11.3 2.7 A15 Mng456-K41 N 21.6 3.7 A15 Multiple loci 28.0 Interval Interval Satt12-T.16 A118-A702 Mng456-K41 A519-Satt63 Multiple loci Satt12-T36 A132-A461 Mmg456-K418 Multiple loci Chlorophyll concentration Linkage [R.sup.2] LOD Parental Interval group (%) value contrib.
"The Colts contributed $5 thousand and the NFL contrib
But it was vandalised within weeks and with traders reluctant to contrib ute, there was no tree to mark Christ mas 2016.
Dr Penny Dobson, chair of the PCF, said: "Conti nence difficulties contrib ute to serious bullying at school and worry and upset at home.
It's doubtful whether Alan Pardew's position is in immediate jeopardy at United, but an unconvincing start to the campaign combined with a disappointing climax to the transfer window have contrib uted to the fact that he has been backed down from 10/1 earlier this week to 3/1 to be the next Premier League manager to leave his post.