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Noun1.control character - ASCII characters to indicate carriage return or tab or backspace; typed by depressing a key and the control key at the same time
ASCII character - any member of the standard code for representing characters by binary numbers
backspace character - a control character that indicates moving a space to the left
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9 NC Table III: Lower Level Communication Methodology proposed Item Method Explanation Frame For Middle Frame Control character (characters Configurations <STX> FN text enclosed in <>): <ETB> C1 C2 <CR><LF> <STX> is control character (HEX 02) For Last Frame <ETB> is control character <STX> FN text (HEX 17) <ETX> C1 <CR> is control character (Hex 0D) C2 <CR><LF> <LF> is control character (HEX 0A) <ETX> is control character (HEX 03) Table IV: Handshake between Analyzer and Interfacing PC Analyzer Function Interfacing PC NEUTRAL ENQ [?
In between, though, there was less the football enthusiast and literary intellectual and more the out of control character who has caused devastation everywhere he goes.
Control character (CR) corresponding to binary data 00001101 is used to represent identifier.
He said: "After playing Harry Sparks, the East End gangster in The Long Firm, a strong, composed, mentally in control character, found Andy Spader the complete opposite.
Fon instance, instead of allowing players to roam freely with the thumbstick, players are asked to use two buttons to control character movement, essentially chaining the player to move only back and forth.
Burford and Adams see sociological critics of social work as one-sidedly emphasizing the social control character of social work while some social work educators one-sidedly romanticize the profession as about empowerment.
Although a joystick can be configured it would have been nice to see the inclusion of basic mouse functions to control character movement, and younger players may find controlling the game's various vehicles difficult with the keyboard.
As they explore the vast and beautifully rendered world of Weyard, players use the stylus on their Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi([TM]) or Nintendo DSi XL([TM]) system to control character movements, enter battle commands and use magical abilities by releasing Psynergy - spells connected to the elemental forces.
Fibre Channel also uses a control character to synchronize word boundaries.
despite its seeming lack of functionality, the null control character plays a key role in computer data communications.
Morning Star's PPP also enhances server functionality by providing link-level error detection, asynchronous control character mapping, packet size negotiation at connection time, physical link loopback detection, IP address negotiation and assignment, PPP Addr/Ctl field and protocol field compression, link level authentication by PAP or CHAP, and link status, reliability, and performance monitoring.
Too Swole 2 Control characters have also received a minor upgrade, which allows them to lift refrigerators provided their strength potential has been maxed out.