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Noun1.control circuit - a feedback circuit that subtracts from the input
feedback circuit, feedback loop - a circuit that feeds back some of the output to the input of a system
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2% by means of an active control circuit that also makes efficient use of the lamp power supply.
Planar's electroluminescent displays consist of a solid-state glass panel, an electronic control circuit and a power supply.
The digital control circuit in the iW1688 makes it possible to sense voltage and current on a cycle-by-cycle basis at the full 40kHz operating frequency and make adjustments on each cycle to respond quickly and accurately to load changes or fault conditions.
Modernization of the electrical control circuit part bl.
This expanded portfolio for control circuit and load protection is 1P20 finger safe, offers a wide array of available accessories, and features a versatile dual-cage terminal design.
40mm dual ball bearing fan with smart control circuit
Senty (construction electricity, Anoka Technical College, Minnesota) explains basic single-phase and three-phase electric induction motor theory and operation; common motor control circuit schemes; reading, interpreting, and documenting motor control circuit diagrams; and providing practice circuits for connecting the actual motor control circuit components from ladder diagrams.
The electric drive system consists of four components: a high performance in-wheel motor and a high efficiency control circuit primarily developed by the Panasonic Group, as well as an electric motor battery system using consumer-use lithium-ion batteries and a dedicated charger that are backed by the Group's proven track record in the battery field.
The block diagram of servodrive speed control circuit with HSM60 electric servodrive and K4A5 tachogenerator ([K.
Providing a single connection point for all control circuit wiring, ServiceMate has LED indicators that show the status of each control circuit component, compressor and solenoid as well as the input control voltage.
A feedback position control system is investigated that employs a motor control circuit and a synchro.
The EBS consists of a power transformer, inductor, silicone controlled rectifier module and a control circuit board mounted on a common base.