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Noun1.control circuit - a feedback circuit that subtracts from the input
feedback circuit, feedback loop - a circuit that feeds back some of the output to the input of a system
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But control circuit type devices are specifically excluded from OSHA's definition of an EID.
The standard specifies that control circuit devices cannot be used as energy-isolating devices, but the agency said it recognizes recent technological advances may have improved the safety of control circuit-type devices.
The car feeds this data into a control circuit, which in turn adjusts light modulators in strategic locations on the windscreen, side windows, or mirrors, the report says.
"The diaper sensor may also include a transmitter and a control circuit operatively connected to the at least one pair of conductive elements and the transmitter."
Since the power determines the operation duration of hearing-aid SoC and both supply voltage and volume voltage are 1V, to minimize the power consumption and realize accurate control, a mixed-signal programmable TD-POR and volume control circuit based on SAR ADC for hearing-aid SoC is presented in this paper.
In this paper, we introduce an initial value control circuit design for the modified four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system.
pMOS and nMOS are used as a Sub Clock Control circuit to drive the entire circuit by means of voltage divider method.
Because the two layers are connected, they require only one control circuit.
This expanded portfolio for control circuit and load protection is 1P20 finger safe, offers a wide array of available accessories, and features a versatile dual-cage terminal design.
Hayward / Goldline Controls Aqua Logic, Aqua Rite, Pro Logic, Jandy Aqualink, Pentair Intellitouch, Sta-Rite, Jandy, Balboa, Jacuzzi, and other common saltwater chlorinator, heater and pump control circuit boards are repaired within 48 hours.
Featuring 36 inches load height, machine has 12 x 16 inches seal area with 6 inches air cylinder and 24 V control circuit. Also included are overload alert system, redundant safety switches, and adjustable/variable speed drive.