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Noun1.control condition - a standard against which other conditions can be compared in a scientific experiment; "the control condition was inappropriate for the conclusions he wished to draw"
experiment, experimentation - the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
criterion, standard - the ideal in terms of which something can be judged; "they live by the standards of their community"
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They found that those in the positive control condition and the neutral control condition were not significantly different.
To be included in the review, studies were required to use a between-subjects or mixed model design in which hypnosis was compared with a control condition or an alternative intervention in reducing the procedure-related pain of patients younger than age 19.
An ultrasonic motion analyzer recorded movement kinematics at baseline, immediately following stimulation, and following a control condition in which electrodes were placed but were not turned on.
Gabriele Wulf, the researchers observed 14 adults with idiopathic Parkinson disease as they balanced on an unstable surface (an inflated rubber disk) under three attentional focus conditions -- external focus, internal focus, and a control condition.
In the control condition, students received traditional teacher-directed instruction-lecture, note taking, class lab activities, media presentations, and worksheets.
Students in the control condition completed surveys prior to receiving a media literacy lesson.
Under the control condition, after the 5-minute cycling warm-up, the 16 subjects rested for the 20 minutes.
Time to completion was measured in seconds to determine if lavender could increase performance time without sacrificing accuracy, as compared to the control condition.
Brain activity in the control condition is then subtracted from that in the experimental condition, leaving--in theory--responses that are unique to the latter procedure.
At least one sizable trial has been mounted to test a violence prevention program based on a set of elementary schools that were randomly assigned to the program and to a control condition.
The AD supersedes AD 99-05-15, amendment 39-11063, to require a revision of the FAA-approved Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) procedure in the existing AD to simplify the instructions for correcting a jammed or restricted flight control condition.
The consent solicitation is also subject to satisfaction of the change of control condition.