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Noun1.control function - an operation that controls the recording or processing or transmission of interpretation of data; "a control operation started the data processing"
operation - (computer science) data processing in which the result is completely specified by a rule (especially the processing that results from a single instruction); "it can perform millions of operations per second"
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is called the set of admissible control functions and each u(*) [member of] [U.sub.p,r] is said to be an admissible control function, where [L.sub.p] (E; [R.sup.m]) is the space of Lebesgue measurable functions u(*) : E [right arrow] [R.sup.m] such that [parallel]u(*)[parallel][sub.p] < [parallel][sub.p] [([[integral].sub.E] [parallel]u(s)[parallel][sub.p] ds).sup.1/p], [parallel]*[parallel] denotes the Euclidean norm.
Reliability: how reliable the motion control function and its components are over the end product's lifetime.
WIELAND ELECTRIC says the use of its samosPRO Compact at SOVEX has reduced wiring, reduced installation time, lowered the complexity of the control system and provided seamless integration of safety with the control function. The company says the introduction of the SOVEX Bendy Boom vehicle loader meant three position modes which required additional safety, so Wieland's engineers came up with a solution to swap out standalone safety and integrate a programmable system.
In addition, the management of the group depended too much on the Estonian internal control function, which in turn was not sufficiently independent from the local country management.
Zunder Lekshmanan, head of messaging and broadband solutions at Mahindra Comviva said: "With the finest engineering minds, we are able to scale, overcome intricate problems and improve upon the solution wherein service providers could offer compelling and differentiated services and at the same time laying foundation for future evolution of the policy control function. As service providers are offering multi network services, there is a surge in demand for flexibility and scalability of policy control function to meet the dynamic and evolving needs from growth in data traffic.
KraussMaffei has become the first injection moulding machine provider to integrate KUKA's new control function into the operating concept of its industrial robots.
Precise positioning and operator control are supported by responsive acceleration and braking, as well as by a curve control function that automatically reduces the driving speed when turning.
For flexible drum racking, a wireless drum tilt control function is offered for the supplier's line of fork mounted drum rackers.
Under the Guidelines, Banks/ DFIs/ MFB are not allowed to outsource their core activities, functions and processes such as risk management function, internal audit function, treasury function, internal control function, compliance function and decision-making including determining compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for opening deposit accounts and credit functions.
YOKOGAWA Electric Corporation has announced the release of the UT35A and the UT32A, two entry-level models in the UTAdvanced series of digital indicating controllers.These new low-cost models have a sequence control function that is based on the general-purpose ladder logic programming language and are targeted for use in the single-loop control of production equipment.
At the subscriber access border, the SD integrates the Proxy-Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF), the initial SIP signalling contact point for subscriber endpoints and the Access Gateway Function (AGW) for controlling subscriber media flows.
The Mack Road Stability Advantage (RSA) by Bendix and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps avoid collisions by integrating throttle, engine brake, and foundation brakes into the cruise control function.