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 (kŏn′trə-vûrt′, kŏn′trə-vûrt′)
tr.v. con·tro·vert·ed, con·tro·vert·ing, con·tro·verts
To raise arguments against; voice opposition to.

[Back-formation from controversy.]

con′tro·vert′i·ble adj.
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Grace and Melissa--whose previous academic writing mainly involved literary and cultural analysis--were taught to value arguing a controvertible thesis, developing an original analysis, and crafting an organic line of argument.
Nor do these views become less controvertible as historical claims by internalists than as political and legal arguments.
So writing about the survivor syndrome in the context of IVF is a very powerful tactic, even if ethically doubtful and controvertible, and part of the wider tendency by anti-IVF, anti-abortion activists in Poland to use apocalyptic language.
Mayo (College of New Jersey) covers all standard aspects of investments plus expanded/new coverage of behavioral finance, technical analysis, municipal and state government securities (Build America Bonds), and contingent controvertible bonds.
When we consider that mutual accountability entails one tradition/denomination's accountability to another tradition/denomination on one level (which is already deeply complicated, for, if such a form of unity is possible, there would have been no splintering of churches in the first place) and mutual accountability to the unity of the universal church on a broader level, then the notion of accountability is further flawed with the controvertible problem of locating the universal church.
The ELCA is still trying to break out of its own version of fundamentalism or the assumption that what the Bible says on controvertible ethical questions is clear (it usually is not) or valid for all time (in the Bible people got married at 14 or 15 years of age, and thanks to decisions made by the couple's parents.
183) The always controvertible "general good" as the ultimate criterion for moral and political judgments becomes a dangerous standard for "so weak and imperfect a creature" as humans actually are, with our "weakness of power and narrow comprehension.