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 (kən-to͞oz′, -tyo͞oz′)
tr.v. con·tused, con·tus·ing, con·tus·es
To injure without breaking the skin; bruise.

[Middle English contusen, from Latin contundere, contūs-, to beat : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + tundere, to beat.]
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References in classic literature ?
The total loss of the victors in this obstinately contested affair was, in killed, wounded, and missing--one forefinger and part of a thumb-nail (which the late proprietor brought along with him in his hand), a severely contused arm, and a considerable effusion of blood flowing from the thigh of a chief, who had received an ugly thrust from a Happar spear.
As I expected, we found that the flesh underneath was terribly contused, for though the steel links had kept the weapons from entering, they had not prevented them from bruising.
And that was the contused scalp wound over which I shuddered in the train.
His lips were a contused, shapeless mass, and his mouth was full of blood and broken teeth.
Joachim Low's assistant Marcus Sorg took charge of Germany, with Low not in Borisov for the match because of a contused artery requiring hospital treatment.
Low will miss tonight's game and Tuesday's against Estonia due to a contused artery that required hospital treatment, leaving assistant Marcus Sorg to take charge.
After the evacuation of the contused brain, they repaired the dural tear with pericranial fascia.
(23) Commission E has further approved St John's wort for the treatment of depression and contused injuries as well as for neuralgic pain, shingles and burns to the skin.
In the immediate onset of facial nerve palsy after trauma, the nerve is either completely lacerated or contused at the fracture site (4,6).
One of the kidneys looked ruptured while the other was contused, he said.
(At a hilarious family dinner, Martel's camera traverses a gathering of the variously bruised, cut, and contused.) Martel frames La cienaga symmetrically with two falls, the first injurious, the second fatal, so when a naked man crashes onto a terrace from the apartment above in The Holy Girl, his survival is hailed as a miracle.