conus arteriosus

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co·nus ar·te·ri·o·sus

 (kō′nəs är-tîr′ē-ō′səs)
n. pl. co·ni ar·te·ri·o·si (kō′nī är-tîr′ē-ō′sī, kō′nē är-tîr′ē-ō′sē)
1. A conical extension of the right ventricle in the heart of mammals, from which the pulmonary artery originates.
2. An extension of the ventricle in the heart of amphibians and certain fish.

[New Latin cōnus artēriōsus : Latin cōnus, cone + Medieval Latin artēriōsus, arterial.]
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In all cases TCA supply conus arteriosus, anterior wall of the right ventricle, interventricular septum and the apex of the heart.
The patient had a history of surgery for atrial septal defect (ASD), pulmonary valve stenosis (PVS) and deformity of conus arteriosus when he was 3-year-old.
Abbreviations: a: atrium; ca: conus arteriosus; e: epaxial muscles; h: hipaxial muscles; ha: hemal arch; hs: horizontal septum; m: spinal medulla; na: neural arch; o: oesophagous; p: pancreas; pi: proximal intestine; r: rectum; s: stomach; sp: spleen; sv: sinus venosus; v: vertebral body; va: ventral aorta; ve: ventricle; vi: valvular intestine; vs: vertical septum.