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1. convention; conventional.
2. convertible.
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FREMONT SANDUSKY COUNTY VISITORS & CONV BUR 1510 East State St PO Box 643 43420 Exec Dir: Connie Durdel 419/332-4470 Sales: 800/255-8070
LIMA LIMA/ALLEN COUNTY CONV & VISITORS BUR 147 North Main St 45801-4950 Dir: Marilyn Collmer 419/222-6045 Sales Dir: Billie Diane Moore
MANSFIELD MANSFIELD/RICHLAND COUNTY CONV & VISITORS BUR 52 Park Ave West 44902-1240 Dir: Lee Tasseff 419/525-1300 Sales Dir: Jodie Dittrich
MARIETTA MARIETTA TOURIST & CONV BUR 316 Third St 45750-2901 Mgr: David Ball 800/288-2577
After laser for both eyes of 36 rabbits, we randomly divided the rabbits into three groups: the Conv 500s group (500 shots applied in the conventional setting), the SPL 500s group (500 shots in the short-pulse setting), and the SPL 1000s group (1000 shots in the short-pulse setting).
In the Conv 500s group, the laser settings were as follows: power of 200 mW, spot size of 200 [micro]m, and duration of exposure at 200 ms, with a space between each of the coagulation spot parts adjusted to approximately one coagulation spot by a single-spot process in both eyes.
Forty-two eyes of 42 patients (23 male, 19 female) were included in this study (the Conv group had 12 males/9 females, and the SPL group had 11 males/10 females).
AFI significantly increased at 2 weeks (p = 0.0014), 4 weeks (p = 0.0003), 6 weeks (p = 0.0001), and 10 weeks (p = 0.0015), then decreased at 18 weeks (p = 0.0015), and reached to insignificant levels at 30 weeks (p = 0.063) in the Conv group.
Table 7 attempts to rank the proposed SQ parameters for their sensitivity to conservation management using the means for CONS and CONV soils, the relative size and significance (paired t-test) of the mean difference, and the number of individual comparisons in which the parameter value for CONS was greater than for CONV.
Despite larger pools of microbial biomass and high biological activity, the q[CO.sub.2] values were smaller or not different in soils under CONS management practices compared to soils under CONV management practices.
The equation for this relationship was virtually the same (not shown) for the CONS and CONV soils, so a single equation could be used to describe this association (Figure 3).
(CONS [greater than] CONV) 17 20 20 % (CONS [greater than] CONV) 77 91 91 Management [C.sub.TMB] [C.sub.AMB] history [[].sup.-1] [[].sup.-1] mg [g.sup.-1] mg [g.sup.-1] Conventional 16.6 5.5 Conservation 19.3 7.1 Difference (%) +17 +28 paired t-test (P) .037 .003 No.