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v. con·vect·ed, con·vect·ing, con·vects
To transfer (heat) by convection.
To undergo convection: warm air convecting upward.

[Back-formation from convection.]


1. (General Physics) (tr) to circulate (hot air) by convection
2. (General Physics) (intr) to undergo convection



1. to transfer (heat or a fluid) by convection.
2. (of a fluid) to transfer heat by convection.
[1880–85; back formation from convected < Latin convectus, past participle of convehere to carry to one place =con- con- + vehere to carry]
con•vec′tive, adj.
con•vec′tive•ly, adv.
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Verb1.convect - circulate hot air by convection
circulate - cause to move in a circuit or system; "The fan circulates the air in the room"
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The mold has developed because warm, moist air has convected into the attic from the conditioned space below.
Finally, during phase 4 of the experiment (no steam and no helium injection), the remaining helium in Vessel 4 is convected (up to 10700 s, mark C in Figure 5) into Vessel 2 like a helium rich gas piston which moves upwards such that the helium molar fraction for lower sensor positions decay earlier compared to upper sensor positions, Figure 8(f).
The other main contributor to unsteadiness is the vanes wakes swept into the blade row due to periodic chopping of wakes [2], added to the secondary flows and vortices convected from an upstream row [3].
[6, 7] proposed a Double Convected Pom-Pom (DCPP) model in order to solve the problem that the solution of XPP model is not unique.
Energy from glow discharge can be convected away from the electrode by a cross-flow, thus reducing heat loss to the electrodes and allowing for re-ignition to occur, consequently increasing the ignition probability in such systems [3].
where [sigma] and [??] are the stress and rate of deformation tensors in which the subscripts J and C, respectively, refer to the Jaumann and convected derivatives defined as:
Given the interest in dry well holding, Hatco introduced a convected air dry well that offers the maximum heat transfer for this type of holding platform.
The magnetic stream function is convected with the flow field [2-4]; that means the ideal MHD equations do not allow for magnetic reconnection in contrast to the dissipative version of the above equations [5].
Siddiqui, "Three dimensional flow of upper convected Maxwell fluid along an infinite plane wall with periodic suction," Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nano science, vol.
Unsteady Static Coupling - A transient history of aerodynamic loads during a convected crosswind event over a static model (equivalent to the shutter device of Dominy and Ryan) - temporal loads used as handling model inputs.