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v. con·vect·ed, con·vect·ing, con·vects
To transfer (heat) by convection.
To undergo convection: warm air convecting upward.

[Back-formation from convection.]
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1. (General Physics) (tr) to circulate (hot air) by convection
2. (General Physics) (intr) to undergo convection
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1. to transfer (heat or a fluid) by convection.
2. (of a fluid) to transfer heat by convection.
[1880–85; back formation from convected < Latin convectus, past participle of convehere to carry to one place =con- con- + vehere to carry]
con•vec′tive, adj.
con•vec′tive•ly, adv.
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Verb1.convect - circulate hot air by convection
circulate - cause to move in a circuit or system; "The fan circulates the air in the room"
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This is quite unusual because of the 4.5 billion year evolution of the convecting mantle.
But most models of the Earth predict that the mantle should be convecting vigorously and releasing this heat much more quickly.
If so, the dampness is likely to be condensation from excessive water vapor (steam) in the bathroom air convecting through and around the ceiling joints and the insulation and coming in contact with a cold wood floor.
But given the time it takes Sputnik Planitia's convecting cells of ice to turn over, the features can be no older than 500,000 years.
Within unstable, unsaturated layers, vertical circulations associated with the resultant convection mix high (low) virtual potential temperature air upward (downward), and thereby adjust the lapse rate of the convecting layer of air back toward a more statically stable state.
These sources can be bathroom and kitchen fans, or a dryer vent, discharging into the attic; an uninsulated and unweatherstripped access panel or stairway to the attic; moisture from the heated space convecting into the attic through cracks in room finishes, around ceiling fixtures and fans, etc.
Ruan, "Exact solitary waves in a convecting fluid," Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, vol.
The widely installed El: press line offers a high level of automation in print and pressure settings and extensive convecting flexibility in a wide range of substrates.
Among these studies, [4] establishes the existence of short-spatial-scale GCR intensity gradients of a few percent amplitude (at > 200 MeV energies) convecting with the solar wind past the Earth, coincident with the observation of an FD.