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Air heated by a space heater rises and is replaced by cool air, creating a convection current that circulates hot air throughout a room.


1. The act or process of conveying; transmission.
2. Physics
a. Heat transfer in a gas or liquid by the circulation of currents from one region to another.
b. Fluid motion caused by an external force such as gravity.
3. Meteorology The transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties by massive motion within the atmosphere, especially by such motion directed upward.

[Late Latin convectiō, convectiōn-, from convectus, past participle of convehere, to carry together : Latin com-, com- + Latin vehere, to carry; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

con·vec′tion·al adj.
con·vec′tive adj.
con·vec′tive·ly adv.
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About NxThera NxThera pioneered its Convective Water Vapor Energy (WAVE(TM)) technology platform to treat a variety of endourological conditions beginning with BPH.
There will be light to moderate winds in general but they may be stronger in the vicinity of the convective clouds which may cause blowing dust," the NCMS official said.
It can be seen that when including the convective flow, the predicted temporal mass increased faster than that of excluding the convective flow.
The study said the changes in extreme wet and dry spell characteristics are supported by increases in convective available potential energy and low- level moisture convergence.
In 1968, scientists theorized that even longer-lived and larger convection cells, big enough to span the entire convective zone, maintain the fast rotation researchers had long observed around the sun's equator; without such cells, the poles should rotate faster than the equator.
PACA said, in a statement today, that the advection of convective clouds associated with varying heavy rains, sometimes thunderstorms, is expected on the coastal areas of the Governorates of the South A'Sharqiyah, the Al Wusta and Dhofar starting from this evening till the end of this week.
We were under a convective SIGMET (significant meteorological advisory), with conditions not expected to change through the night.
A convective storm front on Wednesday caused six tornado touchdowns in Alabama and Arkansas and hail and wind damage in several other states, reports EQECAT, but 2012 has seen fewer of these storm systems than last year, forecasters say.
We don't know what the development of this has been -- we don't have measurements of this deep convective injection of water into the stratosphere that go back in time," Anderson said.
These convective motions are currently believed to prop up large-scale circulations in the outer third of the Sun that generate magnetic fields.
When compared to conventional convective heating systems, under-floor radiant heating systems are becoming very competitive in terms of energy savings.