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A partly enclosed, directly heated surface from which warm air circulates by convection.


(kənˈvɛktə) or

convector heater

(Mechanical Engineering) a space-heating device from which heat is transferred to the surrounding air by convection


(kənˈvɛk tər)

any fluid or device transferring heat by convection.
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Noun1.convector - a space heater that transfers heat to the surrounding air by convection
heater, warmer - device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room


[kənˈvektəʳ] N (also convector heater, convection heater) → calentador m de convección


[kənˈvɛktər] nradiateur m à convectionconvector heater nradiateur m à convection


n (also convector heater)Heizlüfter m


[kənˈvɛktəʳ] n (also convector heater, convection heater) → convettore m
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In Stockton, Hearts of the Hub got PS9,717 to deliver community activities including healthy living boot camps to promote social cohesion, the Young People Support Group received PS9,360 to provide a community help point for new arrivals to the area, while High Grange Community Association received PS6,909 to install convector heaters and purchase additional heaters.
In 1964, it produces its first granulator, soon followed by the Convair dryer and Convector feeder.
I'm pretty sure something like like Gazco's Logic HE convector with a coal effect for PS489 (stovax.
Also stolen was a white tumble dryer, a silver coloured microwave oven, a Bosch electric drill, a Russell Hobbs steam iron, a white Sky television box, a 10ft by 6ft brown and beige square patterned rug, a green cordless telephone and cradle, a small portable halogen heater, a portable convector heater and a pendulum clock.
And the shot shows she is happy to resort to a plug-in convector heater should one get chilly in Scotland.
The photo gives a rare glimpse into her domestic life - including how she uses an electric convector heater in the fireplace to keep warm.
The single premium model of compact radiators on Column Rads includes a front panel with rear convector.
The panel heater's high-performance, extruded convector assembly is available in two sizes and provides safe and efficient heating ranging from 75-700 watts.
In Figure 3 is shown a possible shape of the disk convector after its first stage of optimization.
Many modern radiators have convector fins which can get more heat out of the water as it passes through, so they can heat a room more quickly.
Peter Smith, fire service station officer, said: "We believe a convector heater that should have been mounted to a wall to allow free air flow, was placed on a chair or table, near to where the occupant was sleeping in the front bedroom.

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