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v. con·vened, con·ven·ing, con·venes
To come together usually for an official or public purpose; assemble formally.
1. To cause to come together formally; convoke: convene a special session of Congress. See Synonyms at call.
2. To summon to appear, as before a tribunal.

[Middle English convenen, from Old French convenir, from Latin convenīre : com-, com- + venīre, to come; see gwā- in Indo-European roots.]

con·ven′a·ble adj.
con·ven′er, con·ven′or n.


the act of gathering a meeting
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Noun1.convening - the act of convening
gathering, assemblage, assembly - the social act of assembling; "they demanded the right of assembly"
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THE city of Gakwak being about to lose its character of capital of the province of Ukwuk, the Wampog issued a proclamation convening all the male residents in council in the Temple of Ul to devise means of defence.
The minister also took the house into confidence on convening the All Parties Conference at the PM house May 18 at 10 a.
The Convening focused on research-based policy options related to: education governance, school finance, personnel and leadership, and education data systems.
Convening is a powerful tool available to leaders who want to address complex problems that cannot be resolved without shared responsibility and joint action.
Annan maintains that in dealing with terrorism, environmental issues, transnational organized crime, and similar threats, "we must make use of the unique normative strength, global reach, and convening power of the UN.
The party, which won the 1990 general election by a landslide but was blocked from coming to power, also called for the convening of a parliament session involving those who were elected then.
But it does not stipulate a deadline for convening such a session.
will be convening its annual business meeting at the Congress of Cities, on Friday, December 6, from 7:30 a.
Yes, the bonds would be repaid out of gas tax proceeds or increased registration fees, not the general fund, but the Legislature's sole purpose for convening next month is to balance the budget, not to get into economic development.
The museum as a presenting and a convening institution expanded years ago, so we viewed our decision to use both kinds of exhibition space as appropriate but not at all new.