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Noun1.conventionalisation - the act of conventionalizing; conforming to a conventional style
stylisation, stylization - the act of stylizing; causing to conform to a particular style
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Conventionalisation of Organic Farming Practices: From Structural Criteria Towards an Assessment Based on Organic Principles.
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I felt somewhat uneasy about the fact that this experiment was concerned with "a good fit to schemata" rather than "a good fit to the natural capacities and constraints of the human brain." Bartlett himself remarks, however, that "the reproductions themselves illustrate the operation of principles which undoubtedly help to determine the direction and character of conventionalisation as it occurs in everyday experience" ("Some experiments" 31).
In the 1990s producers were attracted to organic farming as en economic proposition rather than an ideal form of farming, which according to some in the organic movement signalled a process of conventionalisation in which ideals were given up in favour of profits, thereby circumscribing the potential of the organic movement to radically change how farming is done (Van der Kamp, 2011).
The conventionalisation of deviant orthography has enabled the writing of queer.
These three cases are indeed illustrative of the conventionalisation of pragmatic factors as constraints on acceptability.
In terms of the computer screen interfaces which mediate between database and user, Drucker argues that the rapid conventionalisation of Graphical User Interface elements (sidebars, hotlinks, tabs, etc) means that 'their character as representations has become invisible'; a mark of the 'smooth functioning' and 'efficient operation' of mathesis (SL, p9).
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