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tr.v. con·ven·tion·al·ized, con·ven·tion·al·iz·ing, con·ven·tion·al·iz·es
To make conventional.

con·ven′tion·al·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.conventionalization - the act of conventionalizing; conforming to a conventional style
stylisation, stylization - the act of stylizing; causing to conform to a particular style
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Knowledge here is conceived as a game of language, and specialized knowledge can be understood as a disciplinary game, delimited by criteria or analytical categories that a scientific community has been building from their interactions with reality and with members of the specialized community, which is made possible through the institutionalization or conventionalization of behavioral functions, insofar as they are constituted in formalized modes of interaction with the other.
Since the continual processes of conventionalization inevitably incorporate unnatural aspects of literature into our cognitive frames and scripts, the disorienting effects of the unnatural in postmodern narratives will eventually (or perhaps already have) become conventionalized.
Walmart) and in discounters--discussed in the scope of the so-called conventionalization (Darnhofer et al.
177) Phil Mount & John Smithers, The Conventionalization of Local Food: Farm Reflections on Local, Alternative Beef Marketing Groups, 4 J.
Motivated language change: processes involved in the growth and conventionalization of onomatopoeia and sound symbolism.
1999), "Motivation, Conventionalization, and Arbitrariness in the Origin of Language," in King, B.
In fact, the gradual conventionalization of the stanzaic structure can be observed even within Pushkin's Eugene Onegin itself.
Traugott also assumes that a distinction exists between semantics and pragmatics and, based on this distinction, defends the hypothesis that subjectification and intersubjectification both involve a reanalysis and the conventionalization of pragmatic meanings that arise as contexts within which speaker and listener negotiate meanings.
The short-range changes that rippled out from the fourth-century adherence of Emperor Constantine I to Christianity are documentable: more rapid numerical growth, preoccupation with doctrinally sound Christian speech, conventionalization of the Christians' lifestyle, a loss of focus on the teachings and way of Jesus, and eventually, inducement and compulsion.
The question arises, therefore, whether and under what conditions this arguably most radical of canonised mnemonic images can be saved from conventionalization in order to continue to testify for the violence and destruction perpetrated in the course of human history.
In our view, the sense of looseness or imprecision determiner cierto adds to the reference of the DP it introduces originates in the conventionalization of an (invited) inference that may derive from the combination of two semantic features: specificity and indefiniteness.
A Web of New Words: A Corpus-Based Study of the Conventionalization Process of English Neologisms