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n.1.One who belongs to a convention or assembly.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Franklin Jameson, in the preface to a book of essays dealing with constitutional developments in the Confederation period, stated that many educated persons 'think of our Constitution as having sprung full-armed from the heads of Olympian conventioners.'").
Now if you should hook into a shark weighing 7,000 pounds the first time we ever go out in the boat daughter I think it would be a terribly unequal contest and that we ought to protest to the Geneva Conventioners. The biggest shark I ever caught weighed 798 pounds and even a tiny fish of that sort offered considerable resistance.
(Tue-Thu, mac) No preview Cedar Rapids (15) Representing his company at an insurance convention in Iowa, a small town naif (The Hangover's Ed Helms) gets an eye-opening discovery of the wider world courtesy of three veteran big city conventioners. A sweet 40-Year-Old Virginstyle self-discovery fable liberally laced with raunchy vulgarity.
and, "we have informed the conventioners that funds are sought for the joint
Hook up with other showgoers at this very popular conventioners' spot, which has recently gone to 7 days a week.
Find Potential Conventioners. The first step to booking any convention is to figure out who holds them.
Eighty conventioners obtained credentials enabling them to enter Thursday's events and to wear frearms on the grounds.
It is anticipated that more than 13,300 conventioners will stay in the Sault for an average of two days each.
mainland and Japan), and to take advantage of the higher spending conventioners and trade show delegates that can have a sizeable economic impact on the state.
The electronic media will continue to attract younger and more venturesome audiences and artists, and the Great White Way will become Manhattan's Disneyland, where a few mega-hits (like Cats and Chorus Line) and one or two publicly funded official Works of Art (such as Speed-the-Plow) will play to busloads of tourists and conventioners. Indeed, that is pretty much how things stand now, and the anticipated malling of midtown into a sleaze-free cordon santaire can only accelerate the process.