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A glance in the direction toward which he was looking was sufficient to apprise me of his aims and at the same time to fill me with the dread of dire apprehension, for, streaming in from all directions across the meadow, from out of the forest, and from the far distance of the flat land across the river, I could see converging upon us a hundred different lines of wildly leaping creatures such as we were now engaged with, and with them some strange new monsters which ran with great swiftness, now erect and now upon all fours.
Macaire, Cardillac, Ryons, and all the cluster of flourishing towns which look upon Bordeaux as their mother, there thronged an unceasing stream of horsemen and of footmen, all converging upon the great city.
I am in close touch both with the authorities and with the press, so that news is converging upon me from all parts.
Not my president," people yelled when converging upon the golden tower in New York in which the president-elect lives.
Highly paid managers should have foreseen the potential of a human tsunami converging upon the public transport system.
99 dollars was launched with and extravagant event that involved Brooklyn Bridge-trekking zombies, sports cars, and Roman soldiers converging upon Best Buy Theatre in Times Square.