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 (kən-vûr′səns, kŏn′vər-)
The state of being conversant; familiarity.
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Noun1.conversance - personal knowledge or information about someone or somethingconversance - personal knowledge or information about someone or something
information - knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction
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New conversance with tradesmen's bills had forced his reasoning into a new channel of comparison: he had begun to consider from a new point of view what was necessary and unnecessary in goods ordered, and to see that there must be some change of habits.
Sufficient lack of conversance regarding post exposure prophylaxis (PEP), serosurveillance, rabies diagnosis and management has been seen in public hospitals.
In short, the author's subject demands conversance with the literary record and archaeological remains of a vast sweep of Roman military history, a familiarity that Bingham ably and amply brings to her task.
The building pressure produced a spate of penalties and Warwickshire opened up a 19-3 lead as Nuns scrum-half Tom Smitham's tapand-go at the posts left O'Brien with the easiest of conversance.
In a recent discussion of "street cred" on WPA-L, for example, discussants cited WPA authority as rooted in, variously, conversance with the appropriate theories, formal training in the discipline, political wisdom, knowledge of the history of the field of English Studies, an understanding of local students, and experience teaching those classes that one's colleagues value (WPA-L "street cred"; "WPAs Housed").
These roles are quite sensitive and the medical personnel will also admit of his narrow knowledge and conversance in the aforementioned areas if he is not jack of all trades.
Thus, the initial 52 items were reduced to 19, and three factors were identified: systematicity and analyticity, inquisitiveness and conversance, and maturity and skepticism.
In his study of Lebanese men's use of gay dating websites, Gagne (2012) explains that the language capacity of the site limits those who can use it based on a required conversance in English, noting that "users' understanding and interpretation of the categories may vary from that of their native language" (p.
Conversance with fundamentals of health economics [AMWA Pocket Training].
And this means not only conversance with musculature, tissue, cartilage, bone, etc.
Given conversance with academic research and with teaching and learning activities, librarians are well positioned to work with academic publishers and campus constituencies on productivity and discoverability improvements that "enhance trust and value.
There are bits of The Canterbury Tales and The Farm Queeene rubbing shoulders with small selections from Samuel Daniel and Thomas Carew and quite extensive quotation from relatively unfamiliar poets such as William Habington, whose sequence Castara contains many sonnets in couplets Clare's confidence in taking on Southey is notable, as is his evident conversance with the literature of this era.