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 (kən-vûr′səns, kŏn′vər-)
The state of being conversant; familiarity.
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Noun1.conversance - personal knowledge or information about someone or somethingconversance - personal knowledge or information about someone or something
information - knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction
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New conversance with tradesmen's bills had forced his reasoning into a new channel of comparison: he had begun to consider from a new point of view what was necessary and unnecessary in goods ordered, and to see that there must be some change of habits.
There are bits of The Canterbury Tales and The Farm Queeene rubbing shoulders with small selections from Samuel Daniel and Thomas Carew and quite extensive quotation from relatively unfamiliar poets such as William Habington, whose sequence Castara contains many sonnets in couplets Clare's confidence in taking on Southey is notable, as is his evident conversance with the literature of this era.
Knowledge could be defined as (Online dictionary) "acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles," or "familiarity or conversance, as with a particular subject" or "the fact or state of knowing".
Abdessalam Triki and to sisterly Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, for his valuable efforts as President of the 64th session of the General Assembly, for his deep conversance with international affairs and his wise approach in dealing with crucial, complex and delicate issues, serving the interests of our peoples and nations and enhancing the role of the General Assembly in international relations.
The exchange of greeting cards is illustrative of how the representation of these surgeries within an everyday social practice participates not only in promotion of, and cultural conversance with, cosmetic surgeries but also in the (re)production of very specific standards of feminine embodiment.
In order to level out these audio transmissions, TV5's engineers specified a Junger Audio C8000 Level Magic system, which was supplied by Conversance Systems Network Solutions, via Junger Audio Asia.
Our degree programs are designed to give graduates a thorough knowledge of the Bible, a firm grounding in theology, and a conversance with the classic works of literature, philosophy, and music that shaped the intellectual world within which the great theologians of the church lived and wrote.
Four areas on the board were chosen to be monitored for X, Y and A conversance, as shown in the enclosed white boxes.
10 Sperulo's membership in Cortese's fifteenth-century academy is significant, since it would have afforded him intimate conversance with informal academic uses of music in High-Renaissance Rome, specifically through the agency of direct contact with such celebrated poet-musicians as the renowned Bernardo Accolti (the so-called "Unico Aretino") and the equally-renowned Serafino Aquilano, as well as Jacopo Corsi, all of whom were Cortese's compagni (Cummings 2004: 83, 237 n.
The band was the Orchestra of Opera North, which showed the conversance with baroque style that one expects from contemporary musicians even when using modern equipment.