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It's a great conversation piece, and a good way to reuse miles of unwanted tapes.
"The characters are a real conversation piece. They will hopefully interact with their setting to generate a mood.
'The whiskerless chin of Sir David was projected on to 12ft screens and it was the conversation piece of the evening)
In the past, when footballers received bonuses for league placings,it was a regular conversation piece in the team bath after end of -seasonmatches.
He's a conversation piece. And if he happens to scare the bejabbers out of the occasional malevolent spirit (or even a crow), well, that's just gravy.
This magnetic quality makes this little paperback a great conversation piece to display on a living room coffee table or office bookshelf.
What is in no way apparent is the fact that Zanicchi, as a young singer, vocalized on a song featured in Conversation Piece.
Either way, it makes for a good conversation piece. JB
"It has been a real conversation piece which welcomes people to South Tyneside and we would like to erect an information plaque."
If you've a taste for the unusual consider Pseudopanax ferox (inset), also called ferocious lancewood, which looks like a dead Christmas tree and makes a good conversation piece. It is very fast-growing and in a good season can put on a foot or more in height.
silent butler is witty nonetheless when attached to this conversation piece of a pitcher ($175) by noted Australian pewter artisan Carrol Boyes.
It's called a conversation piece - because that's what it shows, that is people in conversation with each other,or perhaps taking tea together - and what's more,it also has a local interest.