(kŏn′vər-sät′sē-ō′nē, kōn′vĕr-sä-tsyō′nĕ)
n. pl. con·ver·sa·zi·o·nes or con·ver·sa·zi·o·ni (-nē)
A meeting for conversation or discussion, especially about art.

[Italian, from Latin conversātiō, conversātiōn-, dealings with persons, from conversātus, past participle of conversārī, to associate with; see converse1.]
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(konversatˈtsjone; English ˌkɒnvəˌsætsɪˈəʊnɪ)
n, pl -zioni (-ˈtsjoni) , -ziones (English -tsɪˈəʊniːz)
1. (Art Terms) a social gathering for discussion of the arts, literature, etc
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a social gathering for discussion of the arts, literature, etc
[C18: literally: conversation]
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 a private assembly; an assembly for conversation or social recreation; a soirée given by a learned society—Wilkes.
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References in classic literature ?
The meanest mathematician in Spaceland will readily believe me when I assert that the problems of life, which present themselves to the well-educated -- when they are themselves in motion, rotating, advancing or retreating, and at the same time attempting to discriminate by the sense of sight between a number of Polygons of high rank moving in different directions, as for example in a ball-room or conversazione -- must be of a nature to task the angularity of the most intellectual, and amply justify the rich endowments of the Learned Professors of Geometry, both Static and Kinetic, in the illustrious University of Wentbridge, where the Science and Art of Sight Recognition are regularly taught to large classes of the ELITE of the States.
Beebe, who loved the art of the past, was reminded of a favourite theme, the Santa Conversazione, in which people who care for one another are painted chatting together about noble things--a theme neither sensual nor sensational, and therefore ignored by the art of to-day.
I'm too detached to talk scandal, and yet at scientific conversaziones I HAVE heard something of Challenger, for he is one of those men whom nobody can ignore.
Nella Cena de le ceneri Bruno, a proposito delle leggi, scrive: "la verita delle cose e speculazioni; quanto la bonta de costumi, profitto de la civilta, convitto di popoli; et prattica per la commodita della umana conversazione, mantenimento di pace, et aumento di repubbliche" (Bruno, 1994: 183).
Of course it is a thrill for art lovers to see famous paintings reassembled in the same space and to imagine the sacra conversazione between them.
Se ci fossero dubbi sulla validita di innescare una conversazione culturalmente significativa, gli standard nazionali stabiliti da ACTFL sanciscono che gli studenti sono in grado di interiorizzare la cultura target ai livelli iniziali, pur essendo inibiti a esprimere concetti sofisticad nella lingua target.
In the 1680s, when the influence of the Chigis abated, organizations of noblemen, including the Accademia dei Rozzi ("the Uncouth") and the Conversazione del Buon Umore ("The Academy of Good Spirits"), along with one particularly tireless noble impresario by the name of Girolamo Gigli, stepped in to fill the void.
A descricao das etapas processuais para a realizacao deste retrato confirma a densidade conceptual do autor, que nesta obra estabelece uma "sacra conversazione" no sentido da declaracao do pensamento e obra do retratado.
The rectangle, or quadro, was a painted scene in which the saints and divine figures seemed to be interacting in a realistic space (the sacra conversazione or sacred conversation).
Lontana per dato sociologico dalla sprezzatura cortigiana, la dissimulazione praticata dai personaggi dei Promessi sposi si avvicina piuttosto alla dissimulazione onesta che Snyder colloca nel territorio della civile conversazione teorizzata da Stefano Guazzo e Giordano Bruno.
According to Rosenbaum, the most important modern precursor of the Memoir Club was the Apostles, the Cambridge Conversazione Society to which several of its first members had belonged.
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